Antonio Fargas





8/14/1946 , New York City

Birth Name




Antonio Fargas is an American actor born August 14, 1946 in New York City, one of eleven children. His son Justin Fargas is a running back with the Oakland Raiders. Fargas is probably best known for his role as Huggy Bear in the 1970s cop show Starchy and Hutch. But Fargas has worked in films and on stage as stage as well. He even appeared in a music video for the Backstreet boys. In the early 1970s he appeared in many blaxploitation films such as Foxy Brown. In the 1990s he appeared in blaxploitation parody films such as Don't Be a Menace. In the 1980 he appeared on the soap opera All My Children. Another television role was as Doc in the Chris Rock creation, Everybody Hates Chris. Fargas has done stage and television work in Britain. One of his most recent appearances was in the Fox television show Lie to Me. He currently resides in Las Vegas.