Apollonia Kotero

Apollonia Kotero


8/2/1959, Santa Monica, CA

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Patti Kotero, Patricia Kotero, Patricia Patschull, Patricia Kotero, Patty Kotero
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    • It's rumored that Apollonia was less than welcome on the set of Falcon Crest which led to her early departure from the show. It is alleged that the seasons other new cast member, Morgan Fairchild, was less than impressed that Apollonia was being given so much screen time, whereas her new character, Jordan Roberts was hardly used for the first part of that season. When you look at the rapid increase in Fairchild's screen time, almost exactly after Apollonia left, it's clear that there is some truth to this rumor.

    • Apollonia fronted the pop group Apollonia 6 who released an album, and a single 'Sex Shooter' in 1984. She took over the group Vanity 6 when Vanity left for a solo career in 1983, she and the newly renamed group appeared in the movie Purple Rain with their producer Prince.

    • Apollonia and her house were featured in an episode of E! Celebrity Homes along with the homes of members of the tv-created boy band O-Town and Rodney Jerkins.

    • Apollonia's measurements are 36C-24-35.

    • Apollonia is the former Miss San Pedro.

    • Apollonia took part in the first annual Family Jamm in 2003, where she was accompanied by Prince's other proteges from throughout the years.

    • Apollonia teamed up with McCall's in 1986, and created a few do-it-yourself patterns. Each of these designs even featured her on the packaging.

    • Apollonia was 1984 Miss May/June in the famous Rigid Tool Company calendar.

    • Apollonia is a fashion designer and all the outfits she wore on the show Falcon Crest were of her own design.

    • Apollonia played the part of Barbara as a guest star on the popular 1980's show CHiPs in the episode, Alarmed (credited as Patti Kotero).

    • Apollonia was a public supporter of Connecticut Democrat Senator Joseph Lieberman.

    • Apollonia was Hot Tub Woman in the 1998 comedy, Anarchy TV, about a group of teens with their own uncensored cable access show.

    • Apollonia had a lead role in Tom Savini's obscure 2001 horror film, Vampirates, about Blackbeard the Pirate being brought back as a vampire. Legendary rockers, Alice Cooper and Adam Ant also appeared.

    • Apollonia a the lead role in Tom Savini's obscure 2001 horror film, Vampirates, about Blackbeard the Pirate being brought back as a vampire. Legendary rock musicians, Alice Cooper and Adam Ant also starred.

    • Apollonia guest starred as Gilda Rivera in the episode The Centerfold Murders (credited as Patti Kotero) on the 1980's private investigator show, Matt Houston.

    • Apollonia hosted a show called Latin Beat on the BET Jazz Channel.

    • Apollonia is almost always referred to as "former Prince protege Apollonia" in articles and interviews when she is mentioned.

    • Apollonia was once arrested for illegal possession of marijuana and claimed it was research for a film role.

    • Apollonia has an appearance on the 2003 album release, Blackberry Belle by The Twilight Sisters (a side project by Greg Dulli, former frontman for the band Afghan Whigs), along with other musicians as diverse as Screaming Trees' Mark Lanegan, Petra Haden of that dog, the Rentals, and Alvin Youngblood Hart.

    • Apollonia (credited as Patty Kotero) played a native girl in the episode, Force of Habit in the show Tales of the Gold Monkey.

    • Apollonia had a guest appearance playing the part of Iya on the 1980's show Fantasy Island (credited under Patty Kotero), in the Love Island / The Sisters episode.

    • Apollonia's rocker ex-boyfriend, David Lee Roth was quoted as saying that she is the only woman he would ever consider marrying.

    • Apollonia's rocker ex-boyfriend, David Lee Roth was quoted as saying that she is the only woman he would ever consider marrying.

    • Apollonia had a guest appearance (credited under Patty Kotero) playing Tiara in the two part episode, Mouth of the Snake in the popular 1980's television series Knight Rider.

    • Apollonia dropped out of high school at age 16.

    • Apollonia is good friends with Carmen Electra. The friendship started when they were neighbors at the same condo complex in Beverly Hills.

    • Apollonia collapsed from hypothermia after doing multiple takes of the infamous Lake Minnetonka skinny dipping scene in Prince's movie, Purple Rain.

    • Apollonia's parents are Mexican immigrants and she is the eldest of six.

    • Apollonia attempted an unsuccessful musical comeback in 1997 with the Spanish/English album, Stay With Me.

    • Apollonia was offered a role in the movie The Color Purple but turned it down.

    • Apollonia is of Mexican and Italian descent, and is subsequently fluent in both Spanish and Italian.

    • Apollonia had originally recorded a version of the song "Manic Monday" for the Apollonia 6 album. Written by Prince as well, the song later become a worldwide hit single for the girl group, The Bangles.

    • Her stagename of Apollonia was given to her by Prince.

    • Apollonia had some guest appearances on the shows Sliders (with Jerry O'Connell) and Air America (starring Lorenzo Lamas with whom she had previously starred together with on the series Falcon Crest.

    • Apollonia starred in three straight-to-video movies: Back To Back, Black Magic Woman and Ministry of Vengeance, which can all be regarded as classic "B-movies".

    • Apollonia released her first solo album in 1988, simply titled, Apollonia on Warner Bros. Records. Consisting of high energy dance music, three singles resulted from the album: "Since I Fell For You", "The Same Dream", and "Mismatch", and it was produced by several big name producers at the time.

    • Apollonia left Prince and company in 1985 to pursue a role acting in television. In 1986, she became part of the cast on the primetime soap opera, Falcon Crest. She was allowed to use her own stage name "Apollonia" on the show and played a budding young pop star and the love interest for the character Lance (in Season 5).

    • Apollonia, as part of the band, Apollonia 6 released one album in 1984 which contained the hit single "Sex Shooter". The band became notorious for wearing only lingerie during performances.

    • She joined Prince's entourage upon the departure of Vanity, as both the lead in his film Purple Rain and as the lead singer for the group Vanity 6, which was renamed to Apollonia 6.

    • Apollonia's nickname is "Apples".

    • Her Astrological sign is Leo.

    • In 1988, she was married to Kevin Bernhardt they got divorced in1996.

    • She was married to Greg Patschull on February 16 1980, until their divorce in 1985.

    • She dated David Lee Roth, but they never married.

    • She is 5 feet, 4 inches tall.

    • She was a Cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams.

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