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  • One of the best in the world.

    Just the sweetest person. Great dancer too.
  • This is just the beginning

    Apolo Anton Ohno is just beginning - and his fame will never decrease in this life -time. He has got it all! He is not only adorable but he has all the charisma of Elvis, he glows with respect and honesty, and a smile that goes on for days. Not only did he make America proud, he made Heaven and Earth proud. I really don't think he will slow down until he is about 100 years old. I expect to see him in movies and sitcoms. Mixing in with muscians and atheltes and never letting anyone down. Does this sound like a lot of pressure? Not for him. I have all anticipations that he will "skate" right through it all. This time -he has no finish line. Who said nice guys finish last? He is living proof that nice guys do finish first.