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    • Apolo: My favorite color depends on what kind of mood I'm in.

    • Apolo: For me, my dad was a big supporter in everything and all the decisions I made, and I was very lucky to have him to push me and to follow me and guide me through a lot of hard times, and give me I guess the knowledge that he knows best.

    • Apolo: (telling what his name means) 'AP' means to lead and the 'LO' mean like away from. and uh it's kinda ironic being in speedskating, and my dad gave me the name.

    • Apolo: I started out just locally with my friends, messin' around on hockey skates and figure skates, and then, asked my dad for a pair of speed skates, and then we pretty much started serious from there.

    • Apolo: I needed a good break since I've been training continually for four years. But usually what I balance is...it's a fine line between how much you can do and how much time you gotta take off because it's my body and I have it to say how much I gotta do.

    • Apolo: My dad, you know he definitely tried to give me everything that he could, to make me become a better person, growing up. He tried to give me everything that I needed when I was younger.

    • Apolo: I have six international World Cups a year. So the fun never stops for me.

    • Apolo: I had the name Chunky since I was 7 or 8 years old. All of my old friends had nicknames like Worm, Little T and so on, and one of my friends just started to call me Chunky Apolo then Chunky A, then Chunky, then Chunks. A lot of my friends still call me by that name, it will probably never go away!

    • Apolo: It is very hard to have a serious relationship right now because I travel so much and my schedule is crazy. Most of my past relationships have been somewhat out of the ordinary.

    • Apolo: It's a very, very hard challenge because you really have to be so much stronger and faster when you're dealing with team skating. But I think I'm one of the few skaters that can contend with those guys, and I really think that if I can improve some of the things from last year and get back in the right mindset, that I can definitely be a threat again.

    • Apolo: It's strange how a single, important moment in one person's life might not even be memorable to another.

    • Apolo: I think I'm better all around as a skater. Physically, I think I'm definitely stronger. I'm lighter, I'm leaner, I know a lot more about my body.

    • Apolo: I'm different person when I step on the ice...or onto the dance floor.

    • Apolo: My life in general has been pretty much the same. I try to live the same lifestyle I was in 2002. I want to keep the same values.

    • Apolo: If you go over to Asia and you say 'team skating' they'll have no idea what you are talking about. They'll be like, 'oh that's illegal, oh really that's interesting.' It's hard, very hard. Two or three (athletes) of any of the same country in any race is hard. I'll have to overcome that and that's a big challenge.