April Parker-Jones

April Parker-Jones


Durham, North Carolina

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April Parker, April D. Parker
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April attended Hillside High School in Durham N.C. She was in many drama productions. She starred in Dreamgirls at the high school playing the part of Lorrell Robinson. She is supported in her acting ventures by students and alumni of Hillside High School.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • April originally auditioned for the role of Mimi for the pilot of Jericho. A few weeks later she was called in to read for the role of Darcy. She was told it would be a co-star role and that most likely she would only be in one episode.

    • When asked was she most enjoyed while working on Jericho, April mentioned first the crafts services of course which offered endless amounts of food. Coming closely in second place came the people on the set which include the cast to the crew.

    • Other roles April would like to do some day include a sketch comedy, for example SNL or Mad TV.

    • April is the only one in her immediate family interested in acting.

    • One of April's secret passions is to dance. She often picture herself as a back up dancer for a big hip hop star or being the new breakout star on So You Think You Can Dance!.

  • Quotes

    • April: (answering what she likes about Darcy) I really like that she puts her family first! I like that there is a softness there, although it is sometimes masked because of her commitment to her families well being. I like it that she still really loves her husband and that she is a lot smarter than she lets on.

    • April: (on what steps she took to make her portrayal of Darcy so realistic) Being realistic is absolutely the motivation that I use when bringing Darcy to life. I just try and pull from my real life. Being a Mother makes the transition so much smoother. Thankfully, Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) helps me tremendously in portraying Darcy realistically. A few moments before the scene begins I try to mentally take myself to Jericho. I try and place how I would feel being in a foreign place, post nuclear war with my Husband and kids. It can sometimes be a myriad of emotions and lots of different layers all at once.