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April Lewis

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April Lewis is most widely known for having appeared on CBS's Big Brother 6 in 2005. April is a 31 year old pharmaceuticals sales rep from Dallas, Texas. She and her husband Matt were married just 8 short months prior to April joining the BB6 cast. Together they…more

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  • April is a backstabbing crybaby!

    What a backstabber you are April Lewis of BB6! You go for 3 months and all\'s fine with Ivette until YOU lose the POV and only then do you decide that Ivette has caused you to do bad things! Grow the blank up! I WAS all for you guys to win the money and now I just hope Janelle will take it all and that Ivette will at least have the 50K. I hope your husband let\'s you have it for being a complete snake and liar! You are trying to use Janelle to save yourself with America. Won\'t work!moreless
  • April Lewis is the most hyprocritical person I know. I hated watching her on t.v. Her comments were comical and her overall personality was disgusting.

    After watching all the episodes of Big Brother, I was amused (shocked actually) at the numerous hyprocritical statements made by April. She should be ashamed and embarrassed when she goes back and watches the actual footage. The scum-bucket cannot even remember what she said previously so she was always contradicting herself!! I can totally understand why America hated her. Her lies, deceitful nature and overall personality annoyed the heck out of me. She is disgusting, a disgrace and I was so glad when she finally got evicted. It was unbelievable to watch April's true colors come out once she knew she was going to be evicted. I'm so glad she didn't win any money because she certainly doesn't deserve it. Good riddance April.moreless