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April Pearson

April Pearson



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April Janet Pearson


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Born 23 January 1989, April has made two appearances on television. The fist, in 1998 was a guest appearance on a two-part episode of 'Casualty', Internal Inferno. More recently she has appeared as a main role as Michelle Richardson on the British TV show, Skins.


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    • April: (About filming Skins in her hometown of Bristol) I think five of us are born and bred in Bristol and the rest are from elsewhere but I think the idea at the beginning was to try and get as many Bristolians as possible. It adds another layer of reality to it because we all know where the Skins crew hang out - I think it does help. During filming, the Bristolians stay at home and the rest of them stay in a very posh hotel. We try and hang out here as much as possible but we got told off a few times for doing that.

    • April: (About how her life has changed since Skins) I wouldn't ever say it's changed in a bad way. It's opened up so many doors and taken me on the career path I've always wanted. I get recognised in town a bit I wouldn't say it's hindering my life in any way. Sometimes it gets a bit annoying when you just want to go get some milk, but I haven't ever had anyone coming up to me and saying they hate me and they want me to die.

    • April: (About her parents reactions to her role on Skins) My parents have got used to it now. Right in the beginning, it was a bit of a shock but they've learnt to love it, I think. As for my grandparents, I'm not sure they're coming around to the idea right now. I think they're looking forward to me doing something a little less controversial and hopefully that will happen.

    • April:(About wanting to pursuing a career in acting) I always have, yeah. I didn't know I'd start so young. I thought I'd go through the drama school route, and learn more about the profession. I think I'm incredibly lucky to have started my chosen career so young.

    • April: (On her kissing scenes in Skins) The first few times it was quite tough, because obviously you're thrown together in this situation, I'd never met him before, and one of the first things we were asked to do was stick our tongues down each others' throats. But after a while we got to know each other and became friends, and it was much easier. It's odd, but when he's Tony and I'm Michelle, it's just supposed to happen.

    • April: (About Skins) I think it's accurate to the extent that it shows what kind of things go on in teenagers' lives, but I think it exaggerates it for the purposes of comedy and entertainment for young people. It's not all about 'this is what teenagers do, it's very bad'; it's more 'this is what teenagers do, let's make it funny'. This is a teenage show, and at the end of the day the whole point of it is to be entertaining. If it was a documentary, then maybe it would be different, but it's suppose to be light-hearted and funny. It doesn't directly revolve around drugs and sex anyway, it's just a part of what they do. Teenagers don't always want to watch something and be bombarded with 'you mustn't do this, you mustn't do that' - besides, that'll probably make them rebel and want to do it more.

    • April: (On similarities between herself and her character on Skins) I think in any character you have to bring a certain element of yourself, but I like to think that we do things differently. She's not really bothered about what she does at school, she's more interested in going out, and what she looks like. I hope I'm not quite that superficial.

    • April: (On why people should watch Skins) I think it's the show that teenagers have been waiting for. It's not coy, it's not got any boundaries, everything is in it. It's not been created to suit or please parents, it's been created for 16-24-year-olds to watch, and I think that's very important. And it's written by young people and starring young people. If you're a 40-year-old, you might not be quite as in touch with the language and the culture of teenagers. And it was great, as well, that we were allowed to change lines if we didn't think they sounded right. When we got on set, they were perfectly happy to listen to us and to see what we could come up with.

    • April:(About landing a role on "Skins") The casting director came to my school, and I got my first audition there. She was looking around Bristol schools for possible cast members, and my drama teacher said I should have a go, so I spoke to the casting director, and went for another couple of auditions, and got the part. Hannah [Murray, who plays Cassie] and I were the first to find out that we'd got the parts, and it was really weird. I hadn't expected it at all. But obviously the producers thought I was right for the part, so it was an incredible shock as much as anything.

    • April:(About her first time on camera) I didn't know the names for any of the jobs on set like the gaffer or the grip or whatever, or how it all worked or anything. Both my parents had worked in TV at some point, and my dad still does, on Casualty. But I'm pretty experienced at getting on stage and not being nervous, and at adopting a role.

    • April:(On joining a theater group at three) There was a new drama group starting up in Bristol, and I was one of the founder members, and I've just kind of stuck with it ever since. Obviously I've never done TV before, but I've done lots of plays at school and with my drama group.