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April Winchell

April Winchell


1/4/1962, New York City

Birth Name

April Terri Winchell


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  • Perhaps one of the greatest voice actresses of our time.

    When I first heard Winchell performing as Peg Pete in Goof Troop, I first thought that she was more or less held down to being typecast as the frustrated housewife. But when I began to see her work on Roger Rabbit and Clarabelle Cow, I soon found her to be one of the greatest voice actresses in the history of animation.

    It seems such a shame that Winchell hasn't been awarded for her services to cartoons. If it wasn't for her dominating voice, we wouldn't have some of the characters Disney have to be proud of, and I think that fact needs to be taken into account.

    April Winchell, I salute you! And if I wasn't spoken for, I would kiss you!moreless