1/17/1972, London, England, UK

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Matt Hales
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Matt Hales, aka Aqualung, began songwriting at an early age of four. Gaining experience through projects in school and with brother Ben, he was awarded a scholarship to study composition in Winchester when he was sixteen. Before becoming a one-man band, Matt joined his brother to form their…more


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    • Matt Hales: (the struggles and triumphs of a rising artist in the Internet age) Same as ever i think. You have this thing you do that you love, that you think other people might love too, but how the fuck are they ever going to hear it?

    • Matt Hales: I think it's hard for musicians to break through anywhere. Takes a lot of work/faith/luck. I always keep my expectations modest. That seems to help.

    • Matt Hales: (holiday message, 2007) So what will next year bring for us all? Good things I hope. Surprising Good Things like finding a bit of bacon in your dressing gown pocket, or discovering that the one you secretly like, secretly likes you.

    • Matt Hales: I think my earliest memory is my mum and dad telling me that I was going to have a brother and being in their bed when I was about two. So I think it was the moment that I realised I was going to be a duo.

    • Matt Hales: (on how the birth of his son has affected his songwriting) I see everything clear now. I feel plugged in a more full way. So somehow or another, it must have affected the process of making this record. The sort of scale which I think pushes out and up more. It seems like I was receiving on more frequencies, so I have to transmit on more frequencies too.

    • Matt Hales: With the birth of my son and all the wonderful things that have also been going on for the last few years, I ended up having to have a second pole which was more organic and domestic and intimate.

    • Matt Hales: (on the name Aqualung) I just thought it was an intriguing word. It suggested an alternate reality or universe or place you might go.

    • Matt Hales: Music is very odd. It is colourless, odourless (apart from acid jazz which stinks of fish) invisible and only exists in the heads of people who listen to it. And people who write it. And it is tremendously powerful and important and universally valued (apart from Switzerland where they prefer mime).

    • Matt Hales: (advice to unsigned artists) If it is what you love and what you are passionate about don't give up because you never know what is around the corner!

    • Matt Hales: Aqualung is not a band. It's the name I decided to give the music I've been making since 2002. It's written, performed, sung, produced by me. I am its legal guardian.

    • Matt Hales: Music and art and new ideas and insight are all around us all the time like a celestial fart. Some people can't smell it. Artists and musicians and geniuses are just odd people who can smell it.

    • Matt Hales: I think you write songs or art or whatever you do as a response to your experiences and your response to your own life, your own thoughts and the things that go on in the world around you.

    • Matt Hales: If you've got a choice between doing the thing you love - even if it's on a low level - and having to stop and give it up, I don't think it's such a hard thing to carry on. You don't feel like you have a choice.

    • Matt Hales: The internet is the new word of mouth, the new community, the new shop front and as such is instrumental in getting your thing out there, but the bottom line is unchanged. If there's something about your music/art/thing that speaks to others, and you're smart and determined, you can make it.

    • Matt Hales: I think it's hard for musicians to break through anywhere. Takes a lot of work/faith/luck. I always keep my expectations modest. That seems to help.

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