Archie Kao

Archie Kao


12/14/1973, Washington D. C., USA

Birth Name

Archie David Kao


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Archie Kao was born on December 14, 1973 to Chinese-American parents and has two sisters. He attended George Mason University. He lives in LA and is an actor who is best known for his recurring role as Archie Johnson, a lab tech in A/V, in the hit show CSI.more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Oh Archie...

    One word comes to mind every single time I see Archie Kao: DROOL! Gorgeous, gorgeous guy, and a talented actor too. I have liked Archie ever since I saw him in CSI as the slightly shy audio visual tech, also named Archie. Since then, I've seen him in other shows - Heroes, Once and Again - and each time I yell ARCHIE and get the urge to run up and lick the screen... yes, I admit it, I'm obsessed!

    The only thing that surprises me is that he has not been in more shows...I mean come on, the guy is hot and he can act, what more can you ask for! So come on casting people, put him out there more so I can drool further!!moreless
  • Fun guy

    He was good as the Blue Lost Galaxy Power Ranger, even if his character did have issues. I really liked it when his character mellowed out and he got to have fun with it instead of acting serious and uptight. I enjoy seeing him on CSI, during which I think he is underused.