Archie Manning

Archie Manning


5/19/1949, Drew, Mississippi, USA

Birth Name

Elisha Archibald Manning III



Also Known As

Elisha Archibald Manning III, Archie Manning
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Archie Manning was a quarterback in the NFL for 13 years. His sons Peyton and Eli are both NFL quarterbacks as well. Archie currently works as a college football analyst for CBS.


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    • Archie: That five-year gap in age is big, ... When they played football in the yard, Eli was always the center. I'm sure there was something in Eli that said: 'One of these days I'm not going to be the center. One day, I'm going to take a snap.

    • Archie: New Orleans is just a doggone fun place to be.

    • Archie: I was very proud of them. It was heavy on their hearts and they moved fast. Peyton got the plane lined up. Their mother and I think that it did some good.

    • Archie: In my first year, I always looked for positive things and kept working, ... The good news is the score is always zero-zero when you kick off the next week.

    • Archie (Refering to how the Saints grabbed Reggie Bush): They're talking about the Saints being America's Team instead of the Cowboys this year.

    • Archie: I never intended to stay in New Orleans, ... but along the way, New Orleans was really good to me. We were the only pro team in town. We weren't too good, but the fans were passionate about the Saints and extremely good to me and my family.

    • Archie (After Hurricane Katrina struck): The Saints are doing a good job adjusting. I think their focus is on trying to make the best of their season, but also to try and help the people of New Orleans in the process. From everything I've seen and heard they are doing a good job of it.

    • Archie (Referring to Eli): He's a big boy, and this is a tough profession. It's not supposed to be easy. You're always going to have things confront you, especially when you play the quarterback position. He deals with things real good.

    • Archie: They were both calling me three or four times a day during the whole deal, and I asked them, 'Aren't y'all supposed to be practicing football?' ... I was very proud of how quickly they reacted. I think it did some good. And then talking to the boys when they got back, I think it did them some good.

    • Archie (On why he doesn't live in Mississippi where he played college football): Where do you want to move back to in Mississippi?

    • Archie (While playing for the Saints): Things finally got to that point where I feel comfortable with what we're doing with our plays. Our receivers have a great feel for our offense now and know the timing of the routes. ... So we're getting there.

    • Archie: Our family assembled and Tom Condon and Eli talked to a lot of people, consulted with a lot of people throughout. And Tom got back to the Chargers and said that we preferred that they not pick Eli.

    • Archie (refering to the comparisons between Eli and Peyton): They certainly have more similarities than differences.

    • Archie: I know my daddy loved me, but in his generation they didn't hug their kids and tell them that. I have done that, but Tony just reinforced that idea. When I saw Eli on Sunday (before the Giants' playoff game), I hugged him. Then I hugged him the next day. And then, when I took him to the hunting club, I hugged him.

    • Archie: It was, as they say in football, a good old-fashioned ass-kicking.

    • Archie: Well, who knows? He's probably not as ready as Peyton, who's been in it and done it six times now, or Tom Brady who's never lost a playoff game and done the ultimate thing. So who knows if you're ready? You just jump in with both feet.

    • Archie: I'm not saying that's a plus or a minus, it's just the way he is. But I assure you he's excited. And he's not going to change.

    • Archie: Eli knows where he's at in his development and what stage he's at. He'll learn from his mistakes and try to correct them and build on the positives... He'll handle it. He's a little more even-keel than Peyton so he's been OK in New York so far.

    • Archie: If you've watched Peyton play the last seven years, he hasn't been hit like that. It was the worst for Peyton since his rookie year when Indianapolis went 3-13 in 1998.

    • Archie: I could tell them apart, ... But I'm not so sure, if Peyton's still playing three years from now, and Eli is fortunate enough to still be playing in three years. They'll look even more alike than they do now.

    • Archie: I never got close. Everybody just wants to get here, and I hope both of my boys get to do it.

    • Archie: I challenge each and every player in the National Football League to consider the impact they have just because they play the game of football, then go do something about it. There's more to the game.