Ari Meyers





4/6/1969 , San Juan, Puerto Rico

Birth Name

Ariande Meyers




Bio Courtesy of Ari Meyers Online

On April 6,1969 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ariadne (Ari) Meyers dropped from the heavens and graced us with her presence here on earth. The joy of raising this angel went to talented actress/singer Taro Meyer (her Mother), who perhaps is best known for her role on the soap opera "Another World". The explanation for the differing last names remains a mystery.

Ari's twinkling hazel green eyes and sparkling smile was spotted early on and she quickly landed roles in TV commercials and in advertising print. Just another pretty face? NOT !!! At the tender age of 4 years old, Ari wrote a play called "The Super Magic Show" for her nursery school, where she wrote the scripts and the songs, choreographed the dancing, designed the costumes and even directed the other "actors". Her brief foray into showbiz took a 7 year hiatus when she retired in order to spend more time with her friends and to concentrate on her schooling.

"Author! Author!" was Ari's first major role but she'll always be remembered most for her role as Emma McArdle on the TV Series "Kate & Allie". School always remained a vital part of her life and she juggled her acting career while maintaining a full load of courses such as Advanced French, Physics, British Poetry, Calculus, & Political Science. As if this wasn't enough for this energetic vegetarian, Ari always set aside time for a rigorous workout on nautilus equipment as well as aerobics. In 1990, Ari left the Show and used her earnings to finish her studies at Yale and graduated with honors and a double major of philosophy and theater arts.

Outside of reading through her impressive acting credits, very little personal information is known about this very talented and beautiful woman. Why? Because Ari rarely does interviews. She hates them and considers being in the spotlight one of the major downfalls of being an actress or a celebrity! Maybe she's just a tad too shy and introverted? I hope she doesn't mind my little ole web site tribute to her ;-)

Perhaps this explains why you'll find many of her recent projects have been behind the microphone instead of the camera. Ari has lent her beautiful vocal talents to several audio books including "The Amy Fisher Story", "The Wish", & "A Kitten's Tale". While she's had parts in numerous TV Movies, her youthful good looks and petite stature often meant she was relegated to playing characters much younger than herself. Now that she's matured a little with age (but still looking gorgeous as always) I hope she chooses to do more work in front of the camera and that Hollywood takes note of this very special woman.