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  • For me, she's a better actress

    I loved her acting in Victorious. And she's a good singer, too. But I prefer Ariana as an actress
  • Has talent in singing, but not at peak potential with acting

    My title for the review says it all. It is exactly what I think of the singer/actress.
  • So Adorable, Love her!

    Ariana Grande is so adorable with her smile and red hair. She is cute as a button, and when she models all sorts of dresses. I just love her! Ariana probably has the best voice, and I wish she could sing some more songs on 'Victorious' instead of Victoria hogging the spotlight. Ariana really brightens up 'Victorious' with her character 'Cat' who is fun and bubbly. I follow Ariana on Twitter, because after all, she is one of my favorite celebrities! I hope Ariana makes it far in life, she has a lot of fans, a great voice, and the best smile ever. Honestly, I think Ariana and Liz are better singers than Victoria, in my opinion, so the show 'Victorious' would be hundred times better if Victoria sang some of her own songs, Ariana sang some her own songs, and Liz sang some of her own songs, because they have great voices too, they should shine with Victoria!
  • My role-model

    Personnally, i think Ariana Grande's the most amazing, beautiful and talented girl i've ever seen. Not only can she song, and have an amazing voice, but she can also play Cat Valentine in Nickelodeon's Victorious. Cat is a bit dumb, living in her own world, and very bubbly. She's a hell of a challenge to play, and Ariana plays her perfectly. I also love her singing, which is exaclty how i would like to sing. She is and will forever be in my heart, my role-model <3
  • Yeah, she's cute and nice and everything...

    She's cute. So? Does that make her a good actress? No. In Victorious she can play this little stupid but adorable girl but she's like that in her youtube videos, too. And she's over-acting often.

    And, against many opinions: she doesn't have a greagt voice.

    She can sing quite okay but it's more like Britney Spears than Adele or so. I like her character in Victorious but that's it.
  • A kind heart.


    What a wonderful lady Ariana is. She is a really talented actress and singer. She is quite active on twitter and responds to her fans quite often. She is really nice and beautiful. I love her ustreams which are quite funny. Her character 'Cat' on Victorious is hilarious and she plays her quite well.

  • I am a huge Ariana Grande fan and I hope she becomes a movie actress.

    I love Ariana Grande and ever since "Victorious" came to Nick, I thought she was so beautiful. She looks like she really cares about the people and she isn't a mean person at all. I wish I meet Ariana Grande. I also hope she starts to become a movie actress because she would be amazing and I believe in Ariana Grande. I look up to her just like I look up to my other favorite people Miranda Cosgrove, George Lopez, and more. Ariana Grande, you are one of the most beautiful Nick stars ever and I wish I meet you. I am a huge Ariana Grande fan and don't say she is a mean person. She is beautiful, sexy, and and very sweet red-haired girl and she is my favorite red-haired girl. I can see that her future is going to be very well and she will become more famous. She is so adorable as Cat Valentine in "Victorious" because she says the most random things in that show or say something... I just want to kiss in the cheek and hug her. She is adorable like Strawberry Shortcake except Ariana Grande is WAY more adorable. I can't resist this girl and she gets more adorable and adorable at every moment on "Victorious". I love you Ariana Grande and I wish I meet you. 10/10