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  • So Adorable, Love her!

    Ariana Grande is so adorable with her smile and red hair. She is cute as a button, and when she models all sorts of dresses. I just love her! Ariana probably has the best voice, and I wish she could sing some more songs on 'Victorious' instead of Victoria hogging the spotlight. Ariana really brightens up 'Victorious' with her character 'Cat' who is fun and bubbly. I follow Ariana on Twitter, because after all, she is one of my favorite celebrities! I hope Ariana makes it far in life, she has a lot of fans, a great voice, and the best smile ever. Honestly, I think Ariana and Liz are better singers than Victoria, in my opinion, so the show 'Victorious' would be hundred times better if Victoria sang some of her own songs, Ariana sang some her own songs, and Liz sang some of her own songs, because they have great voices too, they should shine with Victoria!