Ariana Richards





9/11/1979 , Healdsburg, California, USA

Birth Name

Ariana Clarice Richards




Got her career started as a 7-yr old, appearing as a ballerina in a hair salon commercial.
Owns a horse named Kindred Spirit.
Sister of Bethany Richards.
Ariana won in 1991 the Youth in Film Award in the category Best Young Actress for her part in the TV-Film _Switched at Birth (1991) (TV)_ (qv). She won the same award in 1992; this time for her part in Locked Up.
She spends her free time in competitive jumping with her Hanovarian Thoroughbred, Sundancer. She's also a sponsor for the Starlight Foundation for children.
Is a Professional Graphic artist, selling lithographs through Universal Studios. Steven Spileberg has one of her watercolors in his office.
Attended Skidmore College in upstate New York, graduating with a degree in drama and fine arts.