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  • Great actress shame about the roles

    I have to say this girl is absolutely fantastic she's a very good actress for age. I have to confess I never like dher character in Gilmore Girls, mostly because she was Dean and I always wanted Dean and Rory together. But She always did a good job as the character and no matter how much I wanted to hate Lindsay I did end up feeling sorry for her, and that is all down to Aerielle portrayl.

    Unfortunately I feel she's been let down by some of her movie roles, she may be known for her role in American Pie Band Camp but to me she was unfortunate to be cast in the movie that destroyed what had until then been a great series of comedies. Yet even in the face of some terrible movies she's managed to stand out from the crowd and play the character and make it believeable, be it a good film or bad. I think she really deserves a starring role in a series (or movie) so that people really start to notice how good she is rather than being 'that girl in band camp'.

    Give the girl a show she deserves it
  • She is the most beautiful girl around world.

    I am 5 years younger than her but I love her seriously.
    I cann`t imagine that a human can be beautiful like her.
    when I see her at American Pie I thought I am watching an angel form sky.Again in Aqua marine I saw her and fall in love.I don`t know why I love her maybe there is no reason for loving some one.If you see her tell her some body in the other side of earth love you and die for you.if you know her e mail plz send me
    if you dont i become crazy
    I Love Her!
  • Arielle Kebbel The Best woman :)

    Ppl she is that talented & beauty girl.. When i saw her in great film \"American Pie : band camp\" with Tad Hilgenbrink I fall in love! She\'s brilliant, more, she\'s GODDESS. Best actress & model for me, i didn\'t saw more precious woman. Im trying to find her e-mail adress but i cant find it, can someone help me? Plz write to me - Thx to all ! regards
  • It must be known, Arielle Kebbel is not just my personal favorite. But she's the one i've spent hours on every day, days on every week, weeks onto months. Arielle compared to anyone else, there's never been anyone -ever- so special to

    I found out who Arielle Kebbel was when i rented American Pie: Band Camp, and almost immediately felt a strong connection to her when i first saw her composing the band at the school. And as the movie went on i only began to like
    her more, after every passing second of seeing her. When the
    movie ended, i was ever so tempted to play it again over and
    over again, and keep watching Arielle. I only feel more attracted and closer to her, every day that passes by. I've
    learned to notice that she's been in many other movies besides American Pie: Band Camp. then so i bought John Tucker Must Die, The Grudge 2, Reeker, Be Cool, Aquamarine,
    Dirty Deeds, Soul Plane, The Bros, The Kid & I, and Outlaw Trail. All the possible movies i could get my hands on that i knew Arielle was in, though some of the movies she had only made, like, apperances in. But i figured even if i'm watching her for 20 seconds or 20 minutes, knowing it's her that i watch, and it will always be her that i love. And her
    new movies, which i'm just dying to be released already. A Tale Of Two Sisters, Brooklyn To Manhattan, and Forever Love, i'm not too familiar with some of those movies but knowing Arielle is in them, would make it way more than just
    a cinema. It's not about her fame, her fortune, her publicity, it's about her. I focus always on her, she makes me happy, and no one else i've liked before have made me feel this happy as when i see Arielle. I know this sounds crazy, but, i now notice that Arielle is more than just another pretty face to me, it's been soooooooooo long since day-1 of American Pie: Band Camp, but i must say the first night i rented, and saw that movie, is the first day i came to a standstill, and nothing has ever, -EVER-. Been the same since that night, i look forward to more than just watching her movies, but for the beggining now i'm gonna remain happier than anyone who knows Arielle Caroline Kebbel, and will someday hope to be even happier, and wish the same for her. So to all you fans of Arielle Kebbel out
    there, none of you will ever feel what i've felt, or get what i've deserved, i may not be her #1 fan on all of her sites, but no matter how strong a fan or adorer, no one i've
    ever spent time on as much as Arielle Kebbel, there's absolutely nobody. But i know unless you love her like i do,
    you surely cannot consider yourself a part of her, or her a part of you in any way. Band Camp was my first experience
    with Arielle Kebbel, my first impression, and first impressions will last a lifetime. So to Arielle Kebbel, no matter what the doubts, deniles, lies, i know there's no one out there in this world for me but her. Arielle Kebbel. And even if writing this in words and posting this review means nothing to no one, it sure means something to me, and this is a must-know to all out there who like Arielle, or are just a fan, you know it's the king(me), who loves her.
    For now, the next minute, next hour, next day, and always.
  • Arielle is so pretty and talented!

    Arielle has been in so many movies and shows, but isn't recognized very often. Just a few of her movies include Aquamarine, The Uninvited, The Grudge 2, American Pie Presents: Band Camp, John Tucker Must Die, and many more. All of Arielle's characters are very different and believable, which proves that she is truly talented. She is also very beautiful! From the interviews I've seen of her, she seems like a very nice and fun person. She knows how to joke and have fun with life. Her family is very important to her, which shows that she is sweet and caring. Arielle should be given more credit for all that she does. I wish her the best in her career and can't wait to see what movies she's in next!