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  • Great actress shame about the roles

    I have to say this girl is absolutely fantastic she's a very good actress for age. I have to confess I never like dher character in Gilmore Girls, mostly because she was Dean and I always wanted Dean and Rory together. But She always did a good job as the character and no matter how much I wanted to hate Lindsay I did end up feeling sorry for her, and that is all down to Aerielle portrayl.

    Unfortunately I feel she's been let down by some of her movie roles, she may be known for her role in American Pie Band Camp but to me she was unfortunate to be cast in the movie that destroyed what had until then been a great series of comedies. Yet even in the face of some terrible movies she's managed to stand out from the crowd and play the character and make it believeable, be it a good film or bad. I think she really deserves a starring role in a series (or movie) so that people really start to notice how good she is rather than being 'that girl in band camp'.

    Give the girl a show she deserves it