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  • Rude and classless; a loose cannon!

    Aries Spears appeared on the Miami radio show, Paul and Young Ron on Thursday, September 8, 2005. While on the show to promote his appearance at the Miami Improv, he refused to do any material. As he was leaving, he was extremely rude to the intern showing him out, who then, as any intern should do, reported back to the show's hosts. When the hosts, Paul and Ron, commented on his behavior, Aries then came back into the studio and proceeded to bash and physically threaten Paul and Ron. It was a very pathetic performance; he should be ashamed.
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    Aries Spears has great comedy albums! I laugh for hours - swear to God!
    Here's the info about him, and where you can find his albums: (to buy MP3s)
  • Very funny might turn out the next chappelle

    Aries SPears is a very funny guy. I never noticed he was on the shows i watched but on mad tv he is so funny. He comes from a town right next to mine and i think he has alot of talent in from of him. He is gunna to go some where in the comedy world in the next few years. I think if he continues he might get his own show like chappelle soon. I mean thoose people are just plain out hialirious. My gues is that in the near future he will become a very big star.