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Aris Alvarado

Aris Alvarado

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  • you could make the saddest person put a smile to their face. keep it up and don't stop, hope to see more. we are rooting for you, the chapples.

    hey aris, I am sooooooo..... proud of you. you have excelled in many ways professionally. the movie kickin it old school was hilarious, it should have been shown in more theaters and for a longer amount of time. I thought it was funnier than the movie blades of glory. keep up the good work and hope to see more of you in the movies. your long time friend theresa chapple yanismoreless
  • Aris Alvarado Has grown as an actor. His comedic style of acting reminds us all of a young Joe Peschi. You Go Boy!!! Yanis Family.

    In watching both "Gilmore girls" and "What new, New Jersey" Aris showed us all how "clean" " and not so "clean (!@#$!@#!$)" humor is still thriving today. His preformance in "Whats New, New jersey" was entertainingly funny. We hope to see him in more to come and wish him all the best with his career.