Arjay Smith

Arjay Smith


11/27/1983, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Arjay Smith


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Arjay Smith: The Kid Behind Allen Strange by Michelle Erica Green Arjay Smith has already had the kind of career a lot of actors dream about, and he's barely started high school. The ninth grader stars on Nickelodeon's Journey of Allen Strange, playing an alien stowaway who got…more


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    • Arjay Smith: (On the set of "Day after Tomorrow") We did have a few scenes in front of the blue screens. They actually had a set and inside this studio – I mean this studio was just unbelievable. They had like New York streets built with cars, flooding with water to the top. We did a lot of stuff in the studio. We only did a couple of days outside in the actual snow. It was –40 when we were out there, so our stunt doubles really had to do the hard stuff outside. Everything was done inside and a lot of the scenes take place in this library.

  • He should get more acting roles.

    He is the guy that can play geek (Day After Tommorrow) and popular guy (That's So Raven)and get away with it.

    Unlike Nick Cannon, who many would have a problem accepting in a serious role. One can only hope that he will get the right role that will put him on the acting map.