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    • Armin: (on working with younger actors on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Well, I just learned about different cultural things. It took me a year to figure out why Joss wrote the way he wrote, and now I'm a major fan of his. He's an incredible writer. But he was just tuned on to young people's patois. He wrote it brilliantly. But I didn't – being older and not having any children, this was sort of slightly different language to me. But, when I saw it on the screen, I went, "Oh god. Yeah, it works perfectly. Look at that." So that was part of it. Working with young people, just their energy made me feel better. They were always up, they were always excited about being at work. They were always exploring and laughing and that was just different than most of the sets I'd ever been on. I loved that.