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    I am not getting into politics here, so I am just going to judge him as an actor. I think that he is a really good actor. He has tried different things from comedy, drama, and action (his best style) and I think that he is just one of the best actors around. I really like him as an actor, and he is one of the best around.
  • The governator.

    Arnold schwarzenegger is an inspiration to me. Being the best bodybuilder ever in my opinion, the ultimate action movie star (I like the terminator movies and kindergarden cop) and now hes the governer of california. Wow thats a lot! He inspired me to start lifting weights and i do it twice a week. Hey i dout ill become mr universe but being stronger than my friends is enough for me. I hope he can read this review so he can know how much an inspiration he is to me. I dont have much else to say so ill end this reveiw. Arnold is the best.
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    Arnold is very talanted and I like him from The first movie of the "Terminator"!
    Thanks Arnold!
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    A fantastic actor who has starred in many Hollywood blockbuster movies.

    Arnold has brought us some great movies in his time as an actor, The Terminator being one of the biggest. His best work has been in action movies and when you see his name, it is normally associated with an action packed movie and with Arnold as the good guy.
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    Arnold Schwarzinegger is a verry talented actor, he is most famed for his role in the "Terminator" movies.
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger is, when you think about it, really good at what he does. I'm not going to try and convince anyone that he is the best actor ever, but the man knows his niche and, when he was acting, he stuck to it, with a few notable exceptions. Schwarzenegger is a true box office smash hit.

    ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is THE best actor of all time. He allow an audience to escape their own reality and enter a super suspensful/exciting alternative reality. He makes every person want to be Superman! He should go back to making movies. I'm not saying he is a bad politician, I truely don't know, but I'm sure he can be great in more movies. COME BACK ARNOLD!!
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    He is one of the greatest actors around today. I seen him in several films such as Terminator Jingle All The Way and numerous other films. I think he should make a guest appearance on The Simpsons to do a one of voice of McBain as McBain is usually voiced by Harry Shearer.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger made the most amazing movies ever. He has now stopped filming movies because he has become the Governor of California.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is my favourite actor. I just adore every movie that he has filmed. He was so popular untill he became the Governor of California. Becoming Governor, meant that he wouldn't be able to make any more movies.

    He has filmed three movies of "Termenator". They were all great, but they just were'nt enough for me. So i kept watching his movies untill i found the two ultimate movies. "Commando" and "Kindegarted Cop". I would reccoment those two movies for the whole family to watch.

    He is really one of the all-time great actors. He is very tallented and he should still be making more movies.
  • you all know the mr.olympia year 1970,1971,1972,1973,1974,1975.....and his return and win the MR.olympia 1980....he's the one and only arnold schwarzenegger......a few words of me about him...

    WELL,i am a teen bodybuilder ,i would like to offer him all my respects ,he's the best bodybuilder ever, his body was so attractive, i keep looking at it without moving ,the wall of our house are covered with his pictures,and i say every minute "yah man this body is your goal" and i will compete as arnold 2,i wish he could read these few words and let him know that he's very known in all the countries that he's the best ever, me and my friends are talking about him every time i meet them we are talking proudly we were wishing that he could train us all.......and i still believe this wish.

    "arnold is the best ever"
  • I am the governer of California!

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great governer! He has starred in many movies ( not many that i' - ve seen ) Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for governer, and then BOOM! He was governer! Well, he didn't do it in 1 second. He was elected it by his fans! He's the Terminator, the Terminator 2, and The Terminator 3!