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  • Casper Comes to Clown/ Lion in a Roar/ Mouseum/ Red White and Boo

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 1 - 9/2/14

    Casper teaches a bear cub a balancing act/ Young lion develops a powerful roar to be jungle king/ Grandfather Mouse tours museum while Cat chases/ Casper uses a time machine to make friends in the pastmoreless
  • Muriel Blows Up / Profiles in Courage

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 6 - 10/11/02

    Muriel Blows Up: After a missile explodes over the farmhouse, Muriel finds a giant carrot growing in her garden. After eating it, Muriel begins to expand. On TV, the General warns Nowhere about the missile and says only he can disarm it. Using a computer camera, Courage sees a carrot robot. Courage goes in and eats it, then gets burped out. As courage begins to expand, he goes to General, who goes inside Courage and disarms the carrot. Courage burps them up, only to have Eustace eat it. Because the carrot was not properly disabled, Eustace explodes.

    Profiles in Courage: At the fair, Muriel and Eustace get full size silhouettes of themselves. On the ride home, Courage notices that they are beginning to move. That night, the profiles take Muriel And Eustace's life to be human. After Courage shows them that being paper is more fun, they give it back. Their creator comes and realizes the silhouettes are happier being paper, and he thanks him.moreless
  • Bride of the Swamp Monster / Goat Pain

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 5 - 10/4/02

    Bride of the Swamp Monster: Muriel buys a necklace at a store in which two pictures can fit inside. She puts a picture of herself and Courage on one side, and Eustace on the other side. After they leave the store, Eustace's truck crashes into a swamp. Muriel and Courage have to help push Eustace's truck out of the mud. Muriel loses her necklace in the swamp while pushing the truck. A swamp monster finds it, opens it up, and looks at Muriel's picture. He thinks it's his long lost bride swamp monster. He goes to the Bagge house and kidnaps her. He brings Muriel to the swamp in a wedding dress. Courage finds the real swamp bride and brings her back to him. Courage rescues Muriel.

    Goat Pain: Muriel's back starts to hurt, so Eustace takes her to Dr. Vindaloo because she can't make him any food in that condition. He tells them they must go to a top of Mount Nowhere, where a hot spring is located in order to heal her. Courage, Muriel, and Eustace head up toward the mountain. On top lives a goat, who has been neglected by humans, trashing his habitat, and draining up the spring. Eventually, he was the only one left, and now, he chases people off the island by hitting them with his horns. After the goat tells his story, he makes Muriel and Courage hold up gigantic rocks for torture. Courage then accidentally re-opens the hot spring and he cleans up the garbage. The goat and Muriel return to normal health by relaxing in the spring.moreless
  • The Uncommon Cold / Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 4 - 9/27/02

    The Uncommon Cold: Muriel gets a terrible cold, and after a while, she sees a talking slug that wants help. Following directions, Courage and Muriel go to a swamp where there are slugs that are ruled by a snake named Big Bayou. He sheds his skin and makes the slugs make statues out of them. They say Bayou has a magic book that will free them and cure Muriel. Courage gets the book and cures Muriel. Bayou then comes after him, and he bites the book, and his venom magically makes the snake-skin statues attack him. Muriel uses her nail-file to free the slugs.

    Farmer-Hunter, Farmer-Hunted: It's the first day of hunting season, and Eustace goes hunting to prove he's better then his dead brother, Horace. He uses Horace's old gun, a laser gun! Courage goes with him to makes sure he's safe. Eustace spots a bunch of deer and fails to shoot them. The father deer then gets his own laser gun and goes after Eustace! Courage says he can settle this by having a game show with the deer and Eustace called, "Hunt For Knowledge." The deer wins. Eustace tries to shoot him, but instead he hits a bear's lollipop. When he asks who shot it, Eustace takes the deer's antlers and says he's a deer. But then hunters come by and think he's a deer and shoot him. His head gets mounted on a car.moreless

  • Fishy Business / Angry Nasty People

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 10 - 7/19/02

    Fishy Business: A lady fish, or "fishonnary," comes to take Muriel, Courage, and Eustace back to "where they came from." It turns out they really go to an underwater bio-dome because all life originally came from the sea. These three fish judges announce them guilty of uncivilized behavior (sipping tea, wearing shoes, etc.). So they put them in a goldfish bowl with gills that let them breathe underwater. They have to act like fish and even eat fishfood! Courage must save everyone.

    Angry Nasty People: Benton Tarentella returns to make a show about "angry nasty" people with Muriel, Eustace, and Courage. Eustace is the star because he's very mean. Benton literally takes Eustace's meanness and gives it a form! It's known as Mr. Nasty. Eustace and Mr. Nasty make lots of money, and Muriel and Courage are mad because they always get made fun of on the show. So Courage makes Mr. Nasty angry and throws Benton into quicksand. Now Eustace is on a talk show and loses his money to Mr. Nasty.moreless

  • Mondo Magic / Watch the Birdies

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 9 - 7/12/02

    Mondo Magic: A magic kit comes to Courage's house and Courage performs all kinds of magic tricks. After a while, this magician named Mondo comes out to help Courage perform tricks. He makes Eustace go in the TV, and for his last act he gives Muriel these weird alien-ish eyes. Courage pulls off his skin to reveal Mondo is really a green monster. He says Muriel will transform into a monster like he is and marry her. Muriel is transforming, and Courage tries to get Dr. Vindaloo's help, but Mondo turns Vindaloo into a cabbage! Courage's magic save the day by turning Mondo into a rabbit.

    Watch the Birdies: Muriel and Courage are feeding birds outside. Suddenly, Muriel is taken away by a gigantic vulture! The vulture makes Muriel watch her baby birds (while she goes to look for a new husband), and if the birds feathers are harmed in any way, she will eat Muriel with a cereal spoon! Courage has to feed the birds and protect it from bees. Then a snake comes and starts to go after the baby birds, but then goes after Eustace instead (who has fallen into honey and has gotten covered in vulture feathers). The snake goes away by the time the mother vulture gets back. She finds a new husband, too. A feathered-Eustace!moreless

  • So in Louvre Are We Two / Night of the Scarecrow

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 8 - 7/5/02

    So in Louvre Are We Two: Courage, Muriel, and Eustace win a trip to an art museum in Europe. Muriel talks about how her mother aways said that Muriel aways looked liked the Mona Lisa. They go into the museum right before closing time, and then get locked in. They fall asleep in there and when they wake up, Muriel walks up to the painting of the Mona Lisa and gets pulled in. Then the Mona Lisa steps out of the painting (the planets align and the portrait people switch places with real people). Eustace switches places with The Thinker and Courage has to chase down the Mona Lisa so he can get Muriel back. The Thinker and the Mona Lisa go on a date into some portraits. Courage and Muriel enter a painting of what they say looks like their house (and it is), and they sit there at home wondering where Eustace is.

    Night of the Scarecrow: Courage, Muriel, and Eustace are leaving the county fair. They get chased off the road by a swarm of crows into a corn field. The car crashes into a scarecrow. Muriel and Courage decide to take it home and fix it to use in their garden. They sew a mouth on it and it then starts to talk. The scarecrow then tries to scare away birds and aliens, but no luck. He then goes crazy and kicks Eustace and Courage out of the house in order to keep Muriel safe. He locks her in the basement, which is covered in pillows and mattresses, so she won't hurt herself. They eventually all escape in Eustace's truck and go a chasing rampage on the road and into the corn field again. They then calm the scarecrow down and find him another profession... working at the county fair.moreless

  • Feast of the Bullfrogs / Tulip's Worm

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 7 - 6/28/02

    Feast of the Bullfrogs: A group of bullfrogs with no pond invade the Bagge house. Their leader is named Buffo. They build a pond on the floor and Eustace and Muriel have to act like frogs and will even be eaten. Courage sticks bees to flypaper and sticks it on the ceiling near the fan. The bullfrogs, thinking it's appetizers, stick their tongues to it, but Courage turns the fan on which whirls the tongues around and Courage holds their tongues and tosses them away. All except for Buffo, who goes away and becomes a baseball player.

    Tulip's Worm: Two teddy bears in a spaceship land on Earth to look for a worm. One is quite handy with a laser gun. Courage plays the horn and it attracts a worm, which just happens to be the worm that the teddy bears are after. When Muriel won't tell them where it is, and the teddy bears blow up part of their house, the worm comes and it turns out he is a giant blue worm from outer space that eats the teddy bears, as well as Muriel. The worm belongs to a giant alien named Tulip. Courage lures the worm in the teddy bear's spaceship by playing the horn. Courage peddles the spaceship like a bike and eventually reaches Tulip's home planet. Tulip calls the worm Wormy, and says Wormy and the teddy bears are her pets. Courage puts in a vinegar and peanut butter-jelly sandwich in Wormy's stomach and he vomits Muriel and the teddy bears back up. Tulip wants Muriel and Courage as her new pets, but they escape and take the teddy bear's spaceship back to Earth.moreless

  • Katz Under the Sea / Curtain of Cruelty

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 6 - 6/21/02

    Katz Under the Sea: Courage and Muriel go on a much needed trip to get away from Eustace. They go aboard the Katz submarine and Muriel is put to work making tea. Courage is really not allowed on the ship, but he sneaks into someone's suitcase and pretends to be a ventriloquist dummy. He finds out that Katz plans to sink the ship with everybody on it. Courage burps up bubbles and everybody floats to the surface to safety, except Katz who gets eaten by a shark.

    Curtain of Cruelty: Floyd, the bald guy (from the segment "Hothead"), decides to send a cruelty wave or "curtain" out into town and turn everyone mean. While Eustace, Muriel, and Courage are buying meats at the market, the wave hits. It's ineffectant on Eustace 'cause he already is mean. Muriel and Courage use fabric softener on their shirts, so that's why they don't got mean 'cause they're "soft." Muriel and Courage are taken to a prisoner training camp for being nice, and Eustace is elected candidate for Mayor. Courage finds the machine that sends out the waves, dumps some fabric softener in it, and sends the kind wave out, and everything goes back to normal. Muriel and Courage go home. Eustace loses the election and is sent to the prison camp. Floyd becomes the mayor, after he becomes nice when he is hit with the kind wave.moreless

  • Hard Drive Courage / The Ride of the Valkyries

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 4 - 6/7/02

    Hard Drive Courage: While the computer downloads the recipe for a cold reminie soup for Eustace's sickness, it is infected with a virus, who captures Muriel into the computer. Courage must go in after her to save her and the computer. He saves her and Eustace becomes healthy again.

    The Ride of the Valkyries: During a vacation to a viking location, Muriel is mistaken as the leader of a group of vikings! Courage now has to retrieve her before the battle against the trolls. One of the trolls and the valkyries get married and peace is settled between the 2 groups. Courage and Muriel attend the wedding.moreless

  • The Magic Tree of Nowhere / Robot Randy

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 1 - 10/31/00

    The Magic Tree of Nowhere: Eustace grows a magical tree that can grant him whatever he wants. When it gets more attention than Eustace, he decides to cut it down. Courage protects it, but eventually it's cut down. However, the tree has enough power to give Courage the cure to Muriel's new bloated head sickness.

    Robot Randy: On a distant planet, there was a race of robots who lived to kill stuff. One non-bloodthirsty robot named Randy was banished from his planet. To show he's worth it, he goes to Earth and enslaves Muriel, Eustace, and Courage. Later, Courage finds Randy alone talking to himself on how he doesn't want to destroy, and he really likes carving wood. Later, when the three fail to follow Randy's orders, Randy is about to crush Eustace and Muriel. Courage challenges Randy to a break dancing competition to set their fates. Courage wins, having Muriel and Courage get Randy to renew his faith in carving a reindeer. On his home planet, Randy opens a wood reindeer stand and makes billions!moreless

  • Archibald Frisby

    Full Episode

    S 13 : Ep 5 - 10/6/95

    LeVar gets in his share of scientific method while at an amusement park. He answers questions by observing and using trial and error. Along the way, we learn how different kinds of scientists find answers to their own questions.

    Arnold Stang reads the featured tale about a young boy, obsessed with science and mathematics, whose mother sends him to summer camp to help him improve his social skills, but his scientific knowledge helps him learn even more, and makes him into a camp hero when he figures out how to win the softball game by calculating trajectories.moreless
  • Thoroughly Mixed-Up Mouse

    Full Episode

    S 7 : Ep 116 - 10/29/94

    Floyd's friend, Irwyn, wants to be a cat. So when Garfield honors Irwin honory feline, trouble starts to brew with Irwin the mouse/cat.

  • Alistair's Time Machine

    Full Episode

    S 9 : Ep 1 - 9/16/91

    LeVar goes to a totally-fictitious spot to find "inventors" from all eras. True to form, these inventors come from the distant past,Reading Rainbow's near-present, and the future.

    Arnold Stang narrates Alistair's Time Machine, the story of a boy who invents a machine that takes him centuries back in time.moreless
  • Dutch Treat / Scout Fellow / Galaxia / Surf and Sound

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 51 - 11/12/90

    Casper helps Hans save a town from a leaking dam/ Baby Huey wants to be a Boy Scout/ A matchmaker helps an alien find machine “wives”/ Katnip tries to catch mice at the beachmoreless
  • Cold Wave / Counter Attack / Hide and Peak / Will Do Mousework

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 46 - 11/5/90

    Aliens freeze the sun and Casper saves the day / Cat tries to catch mouse in novelty shop / Herman & Katnip hike the Alps/ Katnip is hired to rid a house of mice.moreless
  • Hide and Shriek / As the Crow Lies / TV or No TV / Cat Carson Rides Again

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 44 - 11/1/90

    Cousin Spooky comes to stay with Casper/ Katnip thinks a crow sandwich will cure his hiccups/ A repairman charges for every appliance/ Out west, Herman outwits outlaw Katnip Karson
  • The Enchanted Prince / Lion Busy / You Said a Mouseful / Crumbley Cogwell

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 43 - 10/31/90

    Wendy helps Casper remove a spell from a prince/ A rich man’s son hunts a lion to pacify his father/ A little fat mouse can't resist a tempting pizzeria feast/ Tries to change personalities to keep his job

  • Kings of Toyland / Trouble Date / Jumping With Toy / Frighty Cat

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 42 - 10/30/90

    Casper tries to make peace between two warring kingdoms in a toy shop/ A big dog tries to help a little dog get a date/ Knowing Baby Huey wants gifts, Fox pretends to be Santa/ A murder novel has Katnip scared, allowing Herman to dominate the hospitalmoreless
  • Penguin for Your Thoughts / Mousier the Herman / Funderful Suburbia / Hueys Fathers Day

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 41 - 10/29/90

    Casper delivers a penguin to its parents at the South Pole/ In a French artist's studio, Cousin Herman captures Katnips'strue self./ A family tries to survive the hazards of suburbia/ Huey tries to help his father around the house

  • Boo Kind to Animals / Dante Dreamer / The Case of the Cockeyed Canary / Northwest Mousie

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 40 - 10/26/90

    Casper finds a donkey a job/ A little boy imagines everything around him is medieval/ A detective Audrey dreams about catching a canary killer/ Mountie Herman helps mice stock up on supplies in the coldmoreless
  • A Visit from Mars / Mighty Termite / Hold the Lion Please / Mousetro Herman

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 39 - 10/25/90

    Casper is visited by a young Martian/ Professor captures a termite to experiment/ Audrey takes a lion home from the zoo/ Herman & Katnip play in a music shop
  • Boo Ribbon Winner / The Animal Fair / Cat Choo / Owly to Bed

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 38 - 10/24/90

    Casper saves a greyhound race/ Some animals run a carnival/ Katnip tries to eat Buzzy to cure his cold/ Herman keeps a sleepwalking owl out of danger
  • Heart of Gold / Possum Pearl / Felineous Assault / Bicep Built for Two

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 37 - 10/23/90

    Casper helps a poor man who has the Midas touch/ A big hillbilly woman is looking for a husband/ A cat tries to teach a kitten to catch mice/ Katnip takes body building advice from Herman in order to woo a pretty girl and beat a muscle bound rival.moreless
  • Bull Fright / Better Bait Than Never / One Funny Knight / Feast and Furious

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 36 - 10/22/90

    Casper helps a little bull win a bullfight/ Katnip wants to use Buzzy for fishbait/ In the Middle Ages, Guard Herman does a battle with Robber Baron Katnip/ Cat tries to catch finny the Goldfish.moreless
  • Fright from Wrong / Robin Rodenthood / Giddy Gadgets / One Quack Mind

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 35 - 10/19/90

    Ghostly Trio force Casper to take mean pills/ Herman retrieves cheese from overtaxing Cat King/ A professor tries to help his wife with crazy gadgets/ Fox tries to help with dinner by cooking Baby Hueymoreless
  • Keep Your Grin Up / Herman the Cartoonist / Fiesta Time / Clown On the Farm

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 34 - 10/18/90

    Casper cheers up a gloomy circus hyena/ Herman draws the cartoon while Cat chases him around the studio/ A tour of Mexico/ Huey wants to play circus with the others
  • Spooking With a Brogue / By Leaps & Hounds / Drinks On the Mouse / Okey Dokey Donkey

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 33 - 10/17/90

    A boy mistakes Casper for a leprechaun with gold/ A Clumsy puppy finally catches fox, shows up others/ Herman helps the mice in a soda parlour /A donkey falls in love with a carousel horsemoreless
  • Hooky Spooky / Katnips Big Day / City Kitty / Party Smarty

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 32 - 10/16/90

    Spooky scares animals at the zoo/ Herman and Buzzy relive their funniest moments with Katnip./ A cat can't control the mice in his house / Baby Huey wrecks a birthday party

  • Ground Hog Play / Hair Today Gone Tomorrow / Of Mice and Magic / Surf Bored

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 31 - 10/15/90

    Casper befriends a groundhog in another comic strip/ Buzzy tries to cover Katnip's bald spot/ Herman frees his girlfriend from Cat in a magician's theatre/ Audrey tries to sneak her dog past the lifeguard

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