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Ageless, timeless, and with round, yet ruggedly handsome good looks, Arnold the Piggy made his mark on Television History in the madcap, freewheeling series "Green Acres." In fact, his remarkable portrayal of Arnold Ziffel so captured America' hearts and imaginations, that he is often, incorrectly, identified as "Arnold…more


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    • An urban legend states that Arnold was mistakenly cooked and eaten by the Green Acres cast. In actuality there were several Arnolds that often ranged in age, size, color and even sex, which is why Arnold inexplicably has grey hair, spots, and even teats in some episodes.

      Also, the avg. pig life span is 12-20 years, so obviously no pig from the series could have appeared in the TV movie over twenty years later.

    • Also appeared in the made-for-TV-movie, in 1990, entitled "Return to Green Acres," reprising his role as Arnold Ziffel.

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  • A big ham who refused to have his lines dubbed and insisted on doing all his own stunts!

    A big ham who refused to have his lines dubbed for him like his headliner, animal-star predecessors, this little piggy went WEEWEEWEE all the way to the bank. He did all his own stunt work and that was really HIM holding the paintbrushes, fiddling with the TV, etc. --- no special effects! A scene stealer, but not a scene hog, he charmed his way into a co-starring role in an off-the-wall, now-classic TV series.moreless
  • Smart Money Is on the Pig

    The icon of 1960s television made his mark on the entertainment world and it rewarded him greatly. Mr. Pig, who demands everyone call him Arnold, is best-known to comedy fans for his stint on the series "Green Acres." Endless repeats, thanks in part to the series having been filmed in color, have made him a wealthy slab of bacon. Unlike other actors of the era, he wisely had a rerun payment clause inserted into his contract.

    "Oink, oink, oink, snort," he said, attributing his smart deal to his grandfather, a former banker and vaudevillian.

    The others in the series, however, weren't so smart. Hot-headed series lead Eddie Albert, who made no cash from the syndicated repeats, was bitter over this matter. In later years, he referred to Mr. Pig as a "money-grubbing football," a "chowder head," and a "lunkhead." Pat Buttram, it appears, was not far removed from the con man character of Mr. Haney that he played in the series. Rather than being angry, he set to work trying to get his hands on some of Mr. Pig's money. Arnold relates that until his death, Buttram would drop by his estate at least once a week trying to sell some piece of junk.

    "Oink, snort, snort," Arnold laughed, recalling the time Buttram tried to sell him the "gen-u-wine" ruby slippers from "The Wizard of Oz." They were lavender and men's size 16.

    Still a relatively young hog, having filmed the series when barely out of his piglet stage, Arnold is set for life. Wise investments (he financed the development of the "Pong" video game and Spray-On Hair in a can) have turned him into a genuine pork-belly fat cat. Don't misunderstand; not all that cash has been squandered on lavish Beverly Hills living. In 1984, Arnold started scholarship for young impoverished pigs, and more recently, has been working with Bono of U2 in promoting human and ham rights throughout the world.moreless