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    • For the few seasons on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko) had never seen Aron out of the "Nog" makeup. One morning, Cirroc arrived early and finally saw Aron - who is 9 years older than Cirroc - without the makeup and was surprised to find that the man playing his best friend was an adult.

    • "Minor Demons", a stage production, won Eisenberg a 'Zony' award for Best Supporting Actor.

    • Eisenberg made the opening remarks at the the 1996 U.S. Transplant Games.

    • Speaking about Star Trek Deep Space Nine "It's Only A Paper Moon"

      Aron Eisenberg:I was very worried about one scene when I knew I had to cry and just let the emotions flow. Anson [Williams] was directing and he was really pushing me during that scene. Anson kept asking for a retake and I began to get really worried that my performance wasn't up to par. We'd do the scene again, and again he'd call for a retake. By now I�m starting to get upset and on the next take all the rage and frustration I was feeling just came pouring out. After that take everyone on the set, even the crew, started clapping.

    • Aron Eisenberg: "I felt honored to be given that episode (In The Pale Moonlight). It was an opportunity to play Nog differently. The experience of losing his leg forced Nog to face his own mortality. That episode was the biggest challenge of my career and I think that I grew as an actor from the experience."

    • Eisenberg's favorite episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is "In The Pale Moonlight".

    • As a teenager he had a malfuctioning kidney and had to have a transplant, which stunted his growth at 5 ft.

    • Has a son, Nicholas Lawrence Eisenberg, born April 25, 1997.

    • Was in the Ferengi family hour along with Cecily Adams, Max Grodenchik, and Chase Masterson

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