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Arrested Development

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A proud, black, socio-political consciousness wrapped around a cat-footed, organically funky groove-thang, Arrested Development were an immediate critical and commercial success. Along with De La Soul, P.M. Dawn and several other acts, Arrested Development represented a far more musical approach to hard-core rap--the ramifications of which continue to…more


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  • Its a crying shame.

    Who would have thought that a production with Ron Howard attached would not do well enough to carry on more than 3 seasons. I was very upset when I found out that it had been cancelled, but I will not let it die. I walk, talk and breathe this show. In fact I think I\'ve lost some friends because of over usage of quotes and other such material, but who needs real friends when you have Uncle T-Bag to take care of you when your

    I want to thank everyone involved in this show and who knows......maybe someday when the dumbed down \"majority viewer\" remove their heads from their bottoms this show will come back. I\'ll be waiting. Anicamoreless