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Art Mann creates, produces and hosts some of television's most enterprising programming. His easy-going style, expert comedic timing and real guy attitude captures an audience of 7,000,000 people a week. The unprecedented inventiveness and boisterous mirth Art inserts into his projects equates to high rating, Ace Award winning shows and delivers high-energy, playful TV.

The "Luckiest man alive" for the last 10 years, Art produces and is the longest working host on E! Entertainment Television's #1 rated series "Wild On", working with Jules Asner, Brooke Burke, and Cindy Taylor. He continually produces and hosts the most popular episodes including "Wild on the Women of the World", the highest rated rerun in the show's history. He is a hands-on producer consistently coming up with fresh ideas branding the show into one of E! Entertainment Television's highest rated programs. His popularity as host/producer carries over to the success of other shows including "Search Party" and "Cut to the Chase".

Art's quick wit and fun nature have made him a natural for many E! Specials where he has laughed with and interviewed the likes of Tom Hanks, Pam Anderson, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, J Lo, Robin Williams and Jennifer Anniston, to name only a few.

Art's latest project is the brainchild of billionaire Mark Cuban. Currently airing on Cuban's HDNet, "Art Mann Presents�" will be a peek into Art's head with topics being simply things that Art is a fan of. Topics can range from a half hour with a celebrity to a trip to the Indy 500. The entire show is shot and aired in beautiful 1080i Hi-Definition.