Artem Chigvinsev

Artem Chigvinsev

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  • Artem has a style of dance that is breath taking to watch. He has the moves of a latin god and the look of the next movie im going to see. I would love to see him do some acting. He is one that casters should not let get away.moreless

    Artem is an amazing dancer he has women sitting at the edge of their seats wanting more. I feel that he should go for the big screen though (movies) I can totally see him in the x-men; move over hugh jackman!! Artem has the right sex appeal to be in any film\\\' he would be best in something like the transporter, or a good martial arts flick. He is definitely someone the movie directors and casters should be trying to contact to do the next matrix or x-men. I get the feeling with him in the movie the box office will not only be packed with testosterone, but with females longing to see this guy.moreless
  • Aretem is really talented!

    Aretem is really talented- one of the most talent people that were on the show!! He should have stayed instead of Jamile who is no where near as good as Artem! He could do everything! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x