Arthur Penn





9/27/1922 , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



Birth Name

Arthur Hiller Penn




One of the top directors of 1950s live TV, Arthur Penn moved into the big time after an apprenticeship as floor manager and assistant director in the very early days - given his later career, it's extraordinary to think he once worked with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis on the "Colegate Comdy Hour". Like several other TV directors of that era, he did some plays on Broadway - unlike most of the others, he had major success here, too, and did a lot of theatre work. His first film, "The Left-Handed Gun" was based on a TV play; his second, "The Miracle Worker", was based on one of his biggest stage successes. It was his fifth movie, "Bonnie And Clyde" in 1967, that marked him as one of the American cinema's brightest talents, and Ingmar Bergman, no less, called him "one of the greatest directors in the world". But in the 70s, his career in movies declined, and in his old age he returned to television - with much success.