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  • Terörizm is everywhere in the world and it's name changes when it is in Turkey!

    Really it is so funny, someone who doesnot live in Turkey, to tell lies, fanciful stories.. unfortunately through the Cnn! Can anybody do everything or tell all the fantasies that he wants? You should be here in Turkey to understand the real situation. This country my home and i love her. I will do anything to save her. terörizm is everywhere in the world and it's name changes when it is in Turkey, be "Women's Human Rights".. etc. rights of something.. what about my self-defence right? dont you see the guns they have?

    Cnn, sould publish reliable news. I won't watch CNN and CNN Turk anymore.moreless
  • RE: Are you aware that Arwa and CNN made a mistake by promoting terror on CNN News?

    This is a very serious editorial mistake. PKK is listed as a terror organization in Europe and USA. I've been to Turkey and had the chance to meet Turkish and Kurdish people. What I saw was that Kurdish people themselves see PKK as an evil terrorist organization but for some reason do not speak this out. There are many kurdish millionairs, politicians etc. living throughout the country. Just go there and experience the facts instead of the biased reports. I simply cannot believe Arwa can publish such ignorant article. She should know better about Turkish and Kurdish relations, not PKK.moreless