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10/13/1980, Glen Cove, Long Island, New York

Birth Name

Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas



Also Known As

Five-O, Shani, Ashanti Douglas
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Ashanti Douglas was born on October 13, 1980, in Glen Cove, Long Island, New York. As a child, she was discovered at a talent show, which launched her career. Ashanti turned down scholarships for both Princeton and Hampton University, deciding to pursue singing full-time. She landed a position…more


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    • Ashanti: I need, like, 12 (kids)... I love kids. I definitely want to get married... I'm so family oriented. I want the big wedding, I want the long marriage, I want kids. (But) I've got to stack my cheese a little bit more... I want to be able to bring my kids into the world nice and comfortable.

    • Ashanti: (on how she lost weight for promotional appearances in 2007) I did the lemon-pepper-maple syrup diet for seven days. When I got really hungry, I ate fruit. I lost eight pounds and kept it off.

    • Ashanti: Find something you love, and do it well!

    • Ashanti: (on when she was recording her album, and the producer of the late Tupac's album allowed her to "record" with the legendary rapper) I was recording my album... Right place, right time. They actually had the record done already and they were coming to the studio to play the mix, so I heard the record and I'm like, 'This is hot. I need to be on this record. I can't even believe that he's been gone for 10 years; it doesn't feel like that. His spirit just flows throughout the industry.

    • Ashanti: You know how some guys smell like old clothes, like they've been in a hamper? They wanna hug up all on you, smelling like they've been playing ball all day. That doesn't work.

    • Ashanti: When you think of hip hop, you think grungy, dirty like concrete. When you think of R'n'B, you think smooth, sensuous - like a rose.

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  • Ashanti rocks!

    I really love Ashanti, a few years back I was really a great fan. I do think that's she is underrated now. I love all her songs, and so it's not really surprising that I have all her albums. And even now, a few years later, I still really like her songs and like listening to her albums. She acts now as well, and I have got to admit she can act pretty good. Though I still don't understand why a lot of singers want to act and a lot of actors want to sing, but oh well…

    Anyway I'm a fan of Ashanti, and I hope to hear more of her soon.moreless
  • I like Ashanti. She is a really good singer and she could not be more pretty. I think Ashanti is underrated now, but before she was a bit overrated.

    I like Ashanti. She is a really good singer and she could not be more pretty. I think Ashanti is underrated now, but before she was a bit overrated. I love her song "Happy" I'm soo happy baby....I'm so happy that I fell in love....that one. Ashanti also appeared in the movie John Tucker Must Die. I don't want to see that, though, so I don't know really well what role she happens to be playing in John Tucker Must Die. Overall, I think Ashanti is kind of hard to rate, but I can manage because she is pretty cool.moreless