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  • She owns pop!

    This was very difficult to rate Ashlee between an 8.9 and 9.0. I gave her an 8.9 because I feel that she hasn't reached her full potential yet, as a dancer. But Ashlee is just superb in what she does. She totally OWNS the pop/hip hop style, she is fresh, and she has a fresh personality. She can pop as good as any guy, probably one of the best female hip hop/pop dancers that have been on So You Think You Can Dance, besides Sara from season 3. Ashlee has the ability to further her career in the dance world, she even is in Hannah Montana(for anyone who thinks she looks like a monkey, back off). Can't wait so see her around some more!
  • Ashlee nino is really really hot and talented!

    Ashlee nino is really hott and she is a great dancer!! my favorite dance from her is when she danced to "Dance Dance" from fall out boy! she is just hot and talented!! and i hope ashlee wins it but she has a lot of competition but i think she can do it w/ dmitry which is her partner at the moment!! i voted for ashlee and dmitry 1 hour long and prolly a little longer! Another favorite performance from ashlee is when she danced to "Great Balls Of Fire" with her first partner Ben. well i voted really long last night and i cant wait to see what happens tonight!!