Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson


Dallas, Texas

Birth Name

Ashlee Nicole Simpson



Also Known As

Ashlee Simpson
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On October 3, 1984, Ashlee Simpson was born as the second daughter of Joe and Tina Simpson. Ashlee also had an older sister, that is also a current starlet, named Jessica. By the time Ashlee was four, she discovered her love for ballet. Though her parents were impressed…more


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    • Ashlee: (prior to the birth of her first child) I have the greatest husband. The baby is my main focus right now. We're both so excited. I mean, this is definitely the happiest moment in my life.

    • Ashlee : I like to do chill things on dates. I think it would be fun to go to the zoo. I know it's really weird and random, but I love animals. It'd be like a day of doing silly things, while enjoying nature.

    • Ashlee : No matter what people say, your fans are the ones that come to watch the movie or come to your shows and that's the most important thing.

    • Ashlee : I've never looked at myself and thought "Oh yeah, I'm sexy". I've felt sexy and confident, but I don't look at myself that way

    • Ashlee : I've always been a rocker. Like ever since I was really young. I had a crush on the Green Day guys. That's always been what I was like and been my interest.

    • Ashlee: (on taking husband Pete Went's surname) I think that that's something that a woman should do when they're marrying a man. It's a tradition that I think is a great tradition.

    • Ashlee: (explaining how her and Pete had their clothes stolen by monkeys in Costa Rica) We'd go to sleep and we'd wake up, and the maid wasn't even here, but sunglasses, my Sony, my favorite Wireseal hat, all this stuff, my favorite make-up bag (was gone). We were like, 'Where is everything?' We asked the hotel and they said that the monkeys like shiny things. That monkey has some serious designer clothes.

    • Ashlee: (when asked when she knew her relationship with fiancé Pete Wentz was serious) Maybe when his jeans fit me, and I said, 'Oh, we can wear the same clothes?'

    • Ashlee: (on her new T-shirt collection to be released by Wet Seal) I was inspired by so many fun, wonderful things as I was recording Bittersweet World and it's been great to carry through those inspirations into these new shirt designs. I hope my fans love this album and rock out in these shirts!

    • Ashlee: I love London. I've been here for a while, it's like my second home.

    • Ashlee: (on people asking her if she has had plastic surgery) I don't get bothered by people saying what they say. I'm a happy person and I'm happy with my looks. I'm not an insecure person. I believe if somebody chooses plastic surgery it should be for themselves, not for anyone else.

    • Ashlee (about to go out with the London cast of "Chicago"): The cast are going to take me to a traditional English pub where the floors are sticky.

    • Ashlee (on her music being autobiographical): Every song is something that I've been through or an emotion I've felt - like falling in love or heartbreak.

    • Ashlee (on her boyfriend and band-mate Braxton Olita): Well, you can never say which one is 'the one', but things are amazing and we have a wonderful time together.

    • Ashlee: Growing up I felt like my nose was big. I was always like, 'I'm going to get a nose job one day'. I'm glad I didn't.

    • Ashlee:Jess has always made funny comments where you're like, 'Where in the hell did that come from?' But I think it's charming

    • Ashlee:I don't really mind what people say about my love life or anything like that, but the one thing is that, yes, I do sing and write all my own music. That is something that I hold really dear. And yeah, I made a fool of myself in front of the world, but it was also great to pick myself back up and go on tour.

    • Ashlee admits she was starstruck to meet actress Ashley Judd, but unfortunately the meeting didn't go well.

      "I was 13 and I went up to her and she wouldn't say hi," Ashlee recalled. "She probably was not in the mood. I was so sad. I just wanted to tell her that I was a younger sister too but she wouldn't look at me."

  • Fake artist, fake singer.

    She got caught lip-syncing two times, one in the Orange Bowl, and at SNL. She got caught and just walked away. Not a big surprise for me. It's really obvious that she lacks talent. And in my view, she looks really ugly because of that nose! She REALLY NEEDS A SURGERY TO CLEAR THAT AWAY. And SHE'S NOT PUNK! She's just using and ruining the genre's image to make money, and guess what, she failed. Punk is my 4th favorite genre. Dyeing your hair black, wearing black clothes, tapping around in the stage won't make you a punk rocker, or an artist. Shame on her.moreless
  • Talented.

    Ashlee got her stardom because she was Jessica Simpson's sister, but she turned out to be original and herself. Ashlee makes good music, and her songs are actually deep and I can relate to some of them. I'm surprised she got her own show, but I enjoyed watching the life of Ashlee, though. I like her style and she is unique, and not like a lot of woman in Hollywood. I admire Ashlee for being herself, and an extra is that she's pretty too! She inspires me to be me, and not care what other people think. I love how she expresses herself too. Overall, one of my favorite people in Hollywood.moreless