Ashlee Simpson





Dallas, Texas

Birth Name

Ashlee Nicole Simpson




On October 3, 1984, Ashlee Simpson was born as the second daughter of Joe and Tina Simpson. Ashlee also had an older sister, that is also a current starlet, named Jessica. By the time Ashlee was four, she discovered her love for ballet. Though her parents were impressed with her talents, they were busy concentrating on getting her sister a famous name. When Ashlee was 11 years-old, she became the youngest person ever to attend the School of American Ballet. It was at this time that Ashlee suffered a minor eating disorder but quickly recovered and continued to dance. After her sister got a recording contract, Ashlee became one of her back-up dancers. But this was only the beginning for Ashlee. She started receiving small roles on TV shows, such as "Malcolm in the Middle." After a few minor acting roles, Ashlee received her first major role as Cecilia Smith on the hit WB series, "7th Heaven" in 2002. Ashlee stayed on the series until 2004 when she received a recording contract and an MTV reality show to top it off. The first season of the show followed Ashlee as she recorded her first CD, "Autobiography." The disc hit shelves on July 20, 2004 and went triple platinum. On October 18, 2005, Ashlee released her second CD, "I Am Me" and on April 22, 2008, Ashlee released her third CD, "Bittersweet World." In April 2008, Ashlee got engaged to Pete Wentz. They divorced in 2011.