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  • Fake artist, fake singer.

    She got caught lip-syncing two times, one in the Orange Bowl, and at SNL. She got caught and just walked away. Not a big surprise for me. It's really obvious that she lacks talent. And in my view, she looks really ugly because of that nose! She REALLY NEEDS A SURGERY TO CLEAR THAT AWAY. And SHE'S NOT PUNK! She's just using and ruining the genre's image to make money, and guess what, she failed. Punk is my 4th favorite genre. Dyeing your hair black, wearing black clothes, tapping around in the stage won't make you a punk rocker, or an artist. Shame on her.
  • Talented.

    Ashlee got her stardom because she was Jessica Simpson's sister, but she turned out to be original and herself. Ashlee makes good music, and her songs are actually deep and I can relate to some of them. I'm surprised she got her own show, but I enjoyed watching the life of Ashlee, though. I like her style and she is unique, and not like a lot of woman in Hollywood. I admire Ashlee for being herself, and an extra is that she's pretty too! She inspires me to be me, and not care what other people think. I love how she expresses herself too. Overall, one of my favorite people in Hollywood.
  • Pretty Good

    She sings some really good songs. (I love "Boyfreind") and shes done pretty well making a name for herself insead of being known only as Jessica Simpson's little sister. I think shes good I mean she not the best but shes pretty good. She did have her crazy "Hollywood moments" but thats okay, she still is a good singer. She has some good taste in clothes too. I like her better than sister shes kinda annoying.Overall I think Ashlee Simpson is a fine singer that knows how to get us dancing with her rocking songs.
  • What was I thinking? She's not great anymore!!!!

    Ashlee Simpson is not the smae person anymore! At first I thought she was cool, the tomboy sister to Jessica Simpson. Her acting was okay, but now she's just another Hollywood wannabee!! She's a plastic freak, and now her voice sounds like a cat!! Ashlee and her sister need to leave Hollywood! Both are just has beens, and they don't even know it!!
  • Ashlee is an amazing singer and person!

    I don\'t care what anyone says,Ashlee is amazing! She doesn\'t write songs about what others want her to, but about her personal life. I love her song \"Shadow\" because it talks about how her parents spent a majority of their time launching Jessica\'s career. She later realized she would have her turn. She isn\'t afraid to talk about personal struggles in her writing. She takes risks and that\'s awesome. She speaks her mind regardless of what people think of her. I love her as an artist as well as a person. Ashlee is just amazing all around, regardless of her choices!
  • Could she possibly be any more annoying???

    I have always hated teen stars who think they rule the world just because they have a pretty face and a bit of talent! They populate the acting world and the real talented people who are not eye candy end up being left behind, but Ashlee just goes beyond that! She is not drop dead gorgeous, does not sing well and as an actress she would be a great lawyer!!!

    I think it is already passed the time for someone to shake her and tell her to leave her sister\\\'s shadow and find a career of her own to follow, something she is at least talented, instead of trying to sing or act!!!
  • Ashlee Simpson

    Ashlee Simpson singer song writer is a beautiful and smart person I love her and one day would like to meet and go out on a date with her . Ashlee Simpson is a great singer , but I think she should be in movies to . She has all the potential to be both an accomplished artist and an accomplished actrees . on a scale of 1 to 100 I rate her to be a 120 superb in my book . An that is all I got to say about that an that is that .

    Sincerely,Sean Solomon

    Hope Mills,NC
  • Is she the rebel?

    The charming Ashlee Simpson is a boxer, in her new music video Invisible but she was never the champion at anything. In a People magazine she was called LipSyncing let\'s hope that won\'t happen again. She got the nickname \'Rebel\' by wearing too much black, her hair black and the most shocking speeding. There\'s a rumor spreading that she can\'t even afford her own limo.
  • Ashlee simpson is just so gorgeous and talented!

    Ashee simpson rocks! All of the songs from her two albums are in my ipod. I really love her songs. Her songs are deep and some are slow and some are jumpy. The most favorite song i love is \'Beautifully Broken\' but yet again I love all her songs. I love ashlee\'s style. Ashlee just rawks! I can\'t really find the right words to describe her cause she\'s so talented and beautiful.
  • Ashlee Simpson rocks!

    Ashlee Simpson really ROCKS!! I love her sooo much because she has awesome style, has such a go personality, and really knows how to sing. Her songs L.O.V.E. and Pieces Of Me are on my ipod. Ashlee Simpson is also really pretty! I think she looks better as a blonde, but she changes her hair so often that you barely know what color it is now! Ashlee Simpson is my dream singer. I cannot get L.O.V.E. outta my head, but it's okay, because that song ROCKS! So does Pieces Of Me. Ashlee Simpson is the better, nicer, and smarter Simpson sister.
  • Ashlee Simpson is my favorite singer of all-time.

    Not only is Ashlee beautiful, but she also has an amazing voice. Her two CDs, "Autobiography" and "I Am Me" both debuted at number one! Within six months, "Autobiography" went TRIPLE PLATINUM! Ever since SNL and the Orange Bowl, people have been criticizing Ashlee, but there is absolutely no reason to. In my opinion, Ashlee deserves to be honored as one of the greatest recording artists of all-time. I would suggest her music to anyone because her CDs have a song for everyone. Whether your happy, sad, angry, or just wanna have fun...Ashlee Simpson's music will flow with whatever mood you're in!
  • If she hadn't lip synched I would have given her a 10.

    I don't understand why some people hate her so much. When Ashlee Simpson comes to mind. Two things pop up SNL and Orange Bowl. Both Ashlee was a muscial guest at. For SNL she had acid reflux and couldn;t sing and got caught in the act. Then on January 4th,2005 she sung LaLa at the orange bowl in Florida. She got booed. However,she couldn't hear herself whatsoever. I used to sing in choir alot,if you cant hear yourself you will sound like crap. She must have been super nervous as well. People like to say "well Kelly Clarkson wasn't booed". Kelly was also at the orange bowl performing. She didn't get booed but luckily Kelly had a backing track so you couldn't even hear Kelly's actual voice at the time. Ashlee didn;t have a backing track since her words were edited.

    All and All she is a very talented young woman who has just had some bad things happen to her. Is she a Madonna, no she isn;t. But she has alot of energy,has a great personailty,she's hot lol and she has some cool songs. There arent any reasons why people should have booed her. That only reflects what the booers think.

    You go Ashlee!!!
  • She is the awesomest!

    Ashlee Simpson is one of the greatest singers I have ever heard. She rides on the Simpson name, following in her sister Jessica's footsteps. She started on the show 7th Heaven as Cecilia, and then moved on to being more than just Jessica's little sister. Ashlee starred in her own MTV show, like Jessica, and it showed the making of her first album, Autobiography. She has released two excellent albums, and even though she has had some bumps in her career, she rose above it, and bounced back as a versatile singer. People may call her "the worst musician ever" or a lip-syncer, but those names don't support her. She's my favorite singer, and I think she always will be.
  • Ashlee Simpson is making a comeback!

    Although many consider young Ashlee Simpson to be a fraud because of her SNL fiasco, I find her to be a fine singer. Yes, she lip-synced. However, if she would have sang, she would have ruined her voice. She would have been okay, but her controlling father created yet another Simpson disaster. He made up story after story causing Ashlee to crash and burn. I feel bad for the young girl. She has talent and she's making an attempt to come back. Ashlee Simpson is a star, we just need to give this pop star some credit. Ashlee Simpson is underrated.
  • pathetic

    i truly think stupidity runs in that family. these girls grow up and have this pathetic need to be in the headlines every week. They work themselves so much so they can do this and then end up in the hospital like idiots "o my god i just overworked myself again" meanwhile they are thinking "this is good more publicity for me so people will feel bad and buy my new cd!" its just ridiculous
  • I never liked her and I never will. She has absolutly no talent and if Jessica werent famous she wouldnt be either.

    I dislike this woman with great intensity. She sucks at singing, acting, and whatever the heck she does. She wouldnt be famous if Jessica werent famous. I never liked her and I never will.(and i am very sure about that!) She is so ugly and whenever she sings she sounds like a toad. And anybody who likes her I find disturbing because there is nothing to like.
  • I used to love her, and what she represented, but now she seems like a totaly booze loving alcoholic...

    I heard that she got really drunk and was taking xtc backstage in Japan and that she has totally gone down hill and is hanging out with Courtney Love for goodness sakes I don't think that is right for a god loving girl to do...andI think she toatally sux balls for that...I love Hillary Duff now because Ashlee is a total crackhead now.
  • Good enough for my hard rock tastes

    I actually like Ashless a lot better than her sister Jessica. I am a very heavy metal person and one day i found my self singing her song Didnt steal your boyfriend. I was not too worried about it either because I think that she is a good singer and she looks pretty but not in that made up too much make up way.
  • Ashlee Simpson Rocks!!

    OMG!! Ashlee Simpson is awesome. She is one of the best singers around these days and she does her own thing. Even after the whole SNL thing she is still doing her thing which inspires me. I love how she is so different from Jessica and the fact that she has become the star she has when she has such a famous sister. I love her style the most. I love the punk look. It suits her so well. I love the Ashlee Simpson show. Its so good. I give her a 10/10 because she is always her self, doesnt take and rude comments from anyone and the fact she is a much better singer then Lindsay Lohan. Keep on rocking Ash!!
  • i think she is very talented!

    i dont understand why no one likes her. i love her music and i think she is very talented. i bought tickets to see her perform live and i cant wait!! i hope she becomes an even bigger star. i love her new album!! i think ashlee is an amazing actress and singer.
  • I actually knew and was an Ashlee fan before i was a jessica fan.

    I actually knew about and was an Ashlee fan before i was a jessica fan. I think most people knew jessica simpson first but i found both of them out at around the same time. I first saw ashlee simpson on 7th heaven. She played cecila, first simon's girl friend then martin's. I absoutly loved her. I had always heard of jessica simpson but was never really a big fan. I started watching newlyweds and realized that they were sisters. I was so excited they instantly became one of my favorite actors and singers. When ashlee got her own show i was a religious watcher and watched every episode. When her cd came out i bought it within the first week. I bought her second cd the on the first day. Ashlee simpson gets a lot of crap because she lip sung on snl. who cares? so many people did/do it and it's not fair that ashlee had to take all the heat. I will always be a big fan because she is very talented. She doesnt deserve people treating her the way she was treated when she was caught lip syncing.
  • Ashlee rocks she is just misunderstood cause of the stupid SNL thing, so it's not like she is the only one.

    Ashlee you totally kick ass your a true misunderstood artist you rock! Ashlee you rock your just misunderstood cause of the stupid SNL thing but you know what just keep on doing what you do best, and keep on rocking on, no matter what other people say you still rock
  • i LOVE her

    Ashlee is so amazing...even after she messed up on SNL she still had enough courage to do it again and rock! Shes such a good singer and all of her songs have meaning! shes seems so down to earth and normal! shes not a bad actress either but shes a very good singer! and shes really pretty
  • Get her off the stage

    Ashlee Simpson is a pretty girl. She is not terribly talented as an acotor or a singer, but she is quite pretty. She has a whining and simpering way about her that makes her much less appealing.

    Once all the cool bands performed on “Saturday Night Live”. Now they make way for the cheesiest of bubblegum pop. Ashlung Simpleton was caught lip syncing on the “live” show when someone palyed the wrong tape. Instead of being laughed out of the business and never being allowed to pretend she is an “artist” ever again, “Saturday Night Live” gave her a second chance. Who cares, she has repeatedly proven her lack of talent. Get her off the stage.

    But she is attractive.
  • Untalented

    When she was booed for her halftime show, I laughed, when the SNL mishap occured, I laughed again. She is simply talentless and from the looks of it, trying to be something she's not. She can't sing, she can't act, so why is this woman famous? Probably because her father thought because her sister was famous, so why should she not share the limelight, which was one of the stupidest ideas I've heard in a long time.
  • Ashlee sucks! Ashlee Sucks! Ashlee Sucks!!!

    Ashlee sucks! She wish she was Jessica but she's not, she can't sing and on top of all that she is ugly as an a**! YUK! The best version of "Pieces of Me" was remade by a D.C. Band called Rare Essence! If someone can sing, it's actually a cool song. But, Ashlee is a boring, whiney, crybaby. She clings and smothers men and none of them actually like the slut, it's just free a**! Why wouldn't they take it? Unless they're gay, good thing you got away from her dumb a** Ryan. Now, maybe you can succeed in your career, you're pretty talented.
  • I remerber the first time I heard the radio host say and this is a new hit buy AshleeSimpson , Jessicas little sister , I thought yeah right shes proably horrible .WRONG

    I remerber the first time I heard the radio host say& this is a new hit buy AshleeS. Jessicas little sister I thought yeahright shes proably horrible I heard the songs pieces of me& Couldnt wait for her cd to come out I got it the day it came out Now Im like one of her biggest fans I proably be one of the people that thinks shes a fake if I hadnt have watched the Ashlee Simpson Show I watched her make her cd I was already one of her biggest fan before she was even real famous. Alot of people think shes a fake and if they want to think that then thats fine with me . Im not saying you have to like her or you will like die ! My cousin/one of my bestfriend hates her guts, but I dont see why she does because she has never listened to any of her music besides pieces of me and shes only heard it a few times, she didnt watch her show , and doesnt know anything abouther. My cousin/one of my bestfriends is a really big prep and think she knows everything ( we are the same age) But I think its stupid to hate some one when you dont even know anything about them , but if you choose to think shes a fake then thats fine with me but I dont think shes a fake because i belive her because Im one of her fans but I could careless if you are or arent.
  • WHy does no-one think this?

    First off she is a good singer and has great talent. Second off, she is even prettier than her sister. She has a heart warming smile that is absolutely beautiful. She is totally drop dead pretty and has great eyes and a great body and has a nice nose(which isn't big). I also love that little cleft dot on her chin, which makes her look even hotter! If not for her singing, I'd just like her to be a model!
  • Ashlee Simpson is really cool!

    I think it was a great idea for them to bring Ashlee Simpson onto 7th heaven. Cecelia was and always will be my favortie girlfriend for Simon. Them two were perfect together. They were meant for each other. I think out of every girl that Simon has been with no one loved him as much as Cecelia did. I think that Simon should break off his engagement with Rose and they should bring Cecelia back. I liked that Cecelia was always willing to help with the twins and help around the house with Annie. Them two worked well together. I hope they bring you back to the show. And i love your song Shadow, Its so sad. I think you and Jess are great and that your both equal. Love ya Ash.
  • Ashlee Simpson is a pop singer and an actress.

    Ashlee Simpson is truly talented and I love her. She has a good voice and great songs, which make her album so awesome. The whole SNL thing is disregarded, because the truth is, Ashlee had no other choice. People may mock her all they want, but what else could she do when she had NO VOICE LEFT? It is not her fault she has acid reflux. I am very proud of Ashlee for not letting the haters get to her. Her true fans love her for who she is, a talented actress and singer. Outselling your sister on your first CD is pretty good, and that is exactly what Ashlee did. That proves there that she does not need Jessica to be famous. I am so excited to see how Ashlee's career will expand.
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