Ashley Black

Ashley Black


1/1/1983, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

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Ashley Black


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Ashley Black was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida the 1st of January of 1983. Her mother (as quoted by her) has a beauty salon. She attended Fort Lauderdale High School and graduated in 2000. She tried out for UPN'S Cycle 5 of America's Next Top Model, and was…more


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    • (when asked if she had watched previous cycles of "America's Next Top Model)
      Ashley: I only watched one season, and that was the one Yoanna won. And again, I really related to her story. She was a fat girl who had gotten skinny, and I don't think I was there yet at the time I was watching, but I really related to her.

    • Ashley: I also believe that there is a pattern in the winner, and that Trya tries to bust stereotypes and rumors said about her and their picking process. Not to say the show is rigged (the winners do bust their ass and have to put up with a lot) but that there is a thought behind every decision that the pannel makes and it is not always the worst model to go; some times it is the model that does not fit the bill, but is entertaining as hell (Jade, Furonda, Kim, Sarah) staying. Then the pattern starts to unfold in the top five. You have to look at all of them and place them in their roles. There is always the quiet one (Nik, Naima), scarstic/loud/crazy (Lisa, Brittany, Furonda), The tough one (Bre, Yaya, Jade) the pretty face (Yoanna, Nicole) and then the odd man out there is always a wild card (Jayla, Kahlen was the underdog for a while right?) You get the point.

    • (about "America's Next Top Model")
      Ashley: If you call ANTM "a hit", really it is just a reality show that got started in the beginning of the reality phase and has a broad enough fans base to last. I mean it can be good TV ( I did watch the entire Yonanna cycle) but in my opinion there is not really a competion until the top five. I think that way because the show is set up to keep drama and entertainment in the house and get rid of those not creating drama, not making good TV, and not fitting into what the judges think they want that week. After you get rid of the ones that the pannel just does not like, the ones that will not be controversal, the ones that dont kiss ass your left with bad models and then you start to send home the worst photo of the week with out any previous accomplishments in mind, and you have five left, with cover girl breathing down your neck about which one is the best.

    • (on Tyra Banks)
      Ashley: I think that Tyra is all about her and that this years house is just a shrine to herself on a new network that needed a hit reality show in the line up.

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