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Ashley Broad

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  • WHY? WHY? WHY?

    Ashley, why do you wear the same clothes every single week? You wear nothing but black shirts and jeans. Also, why is it when somebody is going to pawn something you ask them what they need the money for? It's really none of your business why they need the money. Last but not least, why do you and your brother Seth, fight like kindergartners?I feel sorry for your father. I would feel so embarrassed if I were him.moreless
  • Need a date

    Just curious, r u married or dating someone? I would take u out i don't care what people say, is all about business not personal. I'm a Sales Consultant here in Corpus Chrisit Tx. Heck if i could i wouldn't mind moving up there to be ur Security or Sales person. Keep up the good work ya do. But, with all respect do listen to ur dad he knows his business. Not sure about ur brother but, i believe respect for each other especially in front of ya employees. keep ya heads up and keep what ya do best "sell,sell,sell......"!moreless