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Ashley Force Hood

Ashley Force Hood

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Ashley Force is a new and upcoming NHRA Funny Car female racer. Ashley became the first female in the history of the NHRA to win the Mac Tools Nationals in Indiana. She is the daughter of legendary John Force. Racing is in her blood. She is currently married…more


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    • Ashley: I'm really excited to be part of the many women involved in racing.

    • Ashley: My dad is a nervous wreck when any of his drivers race because he knows that things can happen and they happen quickly. He's been in many flips and fires and has been ok, but I know that every time we go up and stage he's hoping we're prepared for anything and that he has prepared us. But I'm sure watching your little girl in the race car brings some added tension because he remembers me and my little sisters learning to walk, and now we're behind the wheel of some pretty fast race cars!

    • Ashley: My dad truly is one of a kind! He is always energetic and going 100 mph every single day, which is probably the ONLY way someone would be able to manage 4 teams!

    • Ashley: When I got into high school, all I wanted to do was go racing. I'd wear race t-shirts to school, and I took auto shop and welding. My binder was covered with race pictures. I originally wanted to be a crew member because I thought it was amazing how they could all work together in such a short amount of time and put together a car that would go over 300 miles an hour. When I turned 16 my dad let me go to Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School and suddenly I was hooked on driving. I've definitely progressed slowing moving up the ranks and starting in Super Comp for a couple years and then moving to Top Alcohol Dragster for a few years. My family, team and I thought this was the safest path to take, because accidents can happen at any speed, but it's better to learn how to react quickly to what's going wrong at 150mph versus 330mph!

    • Ashley: When we were younger and in grade school we would always go to the close events like Pomona, Phoenix, Sonoma and Las Vegas, all the summer races and of course Indy. But during the school year, we'd watch every Sunday on T.V.

    • Ashley: I grew up going to drag races on every family vacation so it became a big part of my life. My favorite drivers growing up were my dad, Gary Densham, Shirley Muldowney, Shelly Anderson... I always rooted for the girls especially!!

  • Ashley has alot of support behind her to speed her way into a man's sport.

    Ashley Force is giving hope to all women. She is setting an example that women can be just as successful in a man dominated sport. She is competing in a sport that is primarily men, and I am sure that she is not getting complete support from everyone. I hope that Ashley continues to press on with her head up. Ashley will endure alot of pressure to be great like her father, but she has already proven herself to be a contender as a driver. I was never into watching drag racing on tv, but now I find myself being a gear head. Good luck Ashley, and I am cheering for you.moreless