Ashley Galvan

Ashley Galvan


Visalia, California

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  • Top 11 finalist Ashley Galvan, 19, is a ...
  • Top 11 finalist Ashley Galvan, 19, is a ...
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • She won second place in the 16 and over category in an Upland competition performing to the song, Hallelujah.

    • She has been in many commercials and also on America's Most Talented Kids, which is a show in which kids from age three to fifteen show what they can do.

    • Her father says her room shows her passion for dance as it is filled with her trophies from many dance competitions in the West.

    • As a senior at Redwood High School, she's required to study for three hours every weekday and one hour on Saturdays.

    • Her father's name is Rod and her mom is Lori.

    • She started dancing at his brother's wedding at the age of two.

    • She dances and trains out of a studio in California called Dancers' Edge Studio.

    • Her specific varieties of dances include jazz, ballet, and tap, but her all-time favorite dances are lyrical and modern.

    • She started dancing at the age of three and since then she has won many awards such as the award for Spotlight Dance Cup Comp and a spot on Kiki Palmer's music video and dancing competition, Dance Revolution.

    • She loves to hang out with family and friends as well as watch movies with them and play her Nintendo Wii.

    • She is a girly-girl who loves talking to people and loves to show off her eclectic fashion in her outfits and accessories.

    • She likes to bike, ski, ride horses, swim, and most of all, dance.

  • Quotes

    • Ashley: Every day they (Dance on Sunset producers and choreographers) remind us (the Nick Six) we are not just backup dancers for some pop act. We are the dancers.

    • Ashley: This is the job I have always dreamed of. Before the audition process, I was telling everyone that I wanted to have a TV show where I could do something that I loved. And I got that.

    • Ashley: Wherever there is music, my friends and I love to dance.