Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison


6/6/1986, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Ashley Madison Myrick


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  • Ashely Madison a good digger. No way. I met Ashley playing poker at the Bellagio. She was playing along side James Woods. They were both very delightful and charming.

    After playing Texas Hold em with Ashley and James Woods I decided to look them up on the Internet. I didn't know anything about Ashley. The articles all made Ashley look like some kind of gold digger. I found that wasn't close to the truth. It was apparent that James and Ashley had strong feeling and an intimate bond toward each other. They continually showed affection that demonstrated that both of them enjoyed the relationship.

    The articles read that Ashley would never be with James is not for the money and fame. But how did he get there? The man has charm, charisma and talent. Everyone that played with him enjoyed his company. I can easily see how she was attracted to that trait. The following day, James was in a tournament. The couple was playing at different tables. Every time we took a break, James would hurry over to Ashley's table. It was obvious that she wasn't a trophy girl but someone he really loved and cared about.

    Now here is the kicker. Ashley and James were playing at the 2 - 5 table. They could have easily played at the max limit table. Instead they played at a lower limit. What that said to me is they are just both enjoying life. What's wrong with that?

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