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    • Ashley: (comparing her own upbringing to that of her character on "Privileged") I can honestly say that the way I was brought up, I would consider it to be more privileged than Sage because I do have parents and a family and a support system at home that means so much to me, and does so much for me. You really notice that as the show unfolds, you notice, yes, they have everything money can buy, but they are missing that steady foundation of unconditional love from their parents.

    • Ashley: (on working with Lucy Kate Hale as her onscreen twin sister) Very easy. Very easy. We're lucky enough that we clicked right away. We hang out a lot. She stayed with me at my apartment... We just get along really well. It's really easy to play her sister.

    • Ashley: My dream for 2009 is...all treatments for the children are pain free. No more IVs. No more ports. No more central lines. So there are no more tears for the bravest on earth; the critically ill children and their mommies and daddies.

    • Ashley: (one of the favorite things she likes about playing Sage on "Privileged") Of course, you go into your trailer to get changed for your scene and there's like $900 Dolce and Gabbana shoes. To wear those, that's always every girl's dream. To wear that kind of clothing!

    • Ashley: (on the difference between wardrobe fittings in US and Canada) In Canada you go in your own separate changing room, and you come out and they assess whether or not they're going to use the outfit and what not, but in LA, it's just like, 'OK, and change! And strip!' And you're just like 'What?' I was so thrown off at first because I was like, 'Is there somewhere I'm supposed to go?' and the lady looked at me like I was crazy, and I was like, 'Oh! Or not, I can change here, that's cool too.'

    • Ashley: (comparing herself to her character on "Privileged") I'm like my character because I am protective of my siblings. I have three younger siblings that I love and adore. I'm not like Sage because I am sensitive to people's feelings. I can't say that I'm as rude as she can be, at all. I'm like her because in a sense, I am kind of guarded.

    • Ashley: (about playing a mean character on "Privileged") Whenever I have these lines where I'm calling people, you know, 'pear-shaped' or 'effeminate' or 'fat and deaf,' I feel so bad, and I always feel the need to go up to the actors and hug them or something, because I feel so mean about it.

    • Ashley: It's always hard to watch yourself as an actress because you're always critiquing yourself hardcore.

    • Ashley: (in a September 2008 interview) I went through a huge phase where I was definitely the victim of a lot of mean girls. And in the end, I ended up hanging out with a different crowd of mean girls and at the very end I found myself and my best friends, who I'm still friends with now, so I've experienced both sides, for sure.

    • Ashley: (on playing Sage on "Privileged") It's fun to play mean. I'm not like that at all, I promise.