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  • I love these girls but...

    I love these girls , i mean they are my personal favorites and i really admire them. but lately they've been getting too much attention. i mean they already got too much credit in full house , but they weren't even that funny every line they said the audienced laughed, at what? it wasn't funny, they ask a question, michelle says , "no" they laugh oh yeah that was hilarious, now i think they are very popular and well known girls! i think they've been getting too much spoilled little brats if u would. but i love them i admire them i know everything about them! they are something to me, but now, i think they've falled back, we lost them after so little time! and they're crappy movies. but i still love em'and i couldnt of said it better. but girls your worth over 300 million dollas i wouldnt be anerecsix and go on drugs if i had that big of a wallet! would you? luv ya twins but hey, love life too