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  • I have been a HUGE fan of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen ever since they were 9 months old. Playing Michelle Elizabeth Tanner. On the hit ABC show Full House. As a matter of fact Full House is the reason that I became a huge Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsnen Fan.

    What can I say about Ashley without also talking about Mary-Kate. You see for me that's kind of impossible. Because you see they have always acted together. Even on some Full House episodes they acted together. Then they started to make movies and albums and music videos. That's right I said music videos the music video collection they made was called Our First Video. Then when they were a little older they made another music video collection called Our Music Video. If you can't find these two music video collections at your local store then see if you can have them ordered. They are really fun to watch. They have also made Mystery Videos and Party Videos. These are also fun to watch. I love all the songs that they sing. These two girls are very very talented and I will always support them.