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  • Ug, get your own storyline and stick to it.

    I really liked this show at the beginning until she started making the moves on Skeet. She had her own fiance, her dad was the coolest bad guy around and she was the town sweetie. Now she moves in on the main character. Get your own! I don't think she's that great of an character (whines alot) and she seems to be in all the storylines. I'm female and always like the romance in any show. She just seems sleezy and like "oh well my fiance is dead, who's next?" I know it's an old love that was great for its time, but the time is over, your fiance is back, go to him.
  • Sometimes she's great, other times she's average...

    I only know Ashley Scott for her role in Jericho. She plays the main character's ex. I really like her character as she is sweet, calm and pretty but her acting bothers me as it is really nothing out of the ordinary. She is too quite and underacts alot of the time.
  • Don't underestimate this rising star.

    If you look at Ashley Scott's acting history, it's easy to start making assumptions. She was a minor player on Dark Angel and it was cancelled in the same season she joined the cast. She went on to star in her own show, Birds of Prey, but that barely made it 12 episodes before being put on the chopping block...and then there was Joey. She didn't even make it beyond the pilot. That kind of record can cause you to be easily discounted in the harsh world of Hollywood...but maybe that's the best thing that could have happened to her.

    Underneath the outer package of smoldering good looks, lies the potential for real talent. It's in the eyes, the expressive eyebrows, the sultry, southern accent tinged voice. Remember Gigolo Jane? It wasn't just her outward appearance that allowed her to grab that five minutes of everlasting fame by the was her delivery of that one line: "Hey Joe, what do you know?" Right now her talent is still raw and is in definite need of honing...but she's still a newcomer to the game, after all. So don't count her out just because she's had a run of unfortunate luck...and for her small but loyal fan base, let's just hope Jericho is going to break the chain.
  • just apretty face!...thats all!

    as an actress she is washed out and pretty forgetable....having said that she is not a bad actress,just not a good one1!!!her role as asha worked for her(dark angel)cuz it was small,and no matter what she did she still had michael weatherly,jessica alba to boost her performance ~a bit.but as a leading lady she is quite terrible.on jericho expecially....she is just to subtle for a role like that(whitch is why birds of prey failed)she lacks the emotions that should really bring out a scene(like the standoff with the prisoners in episode two of jericho)she is young so maybe her acting range will improve as she matures......definetly a ashley who??
  • Ashley Scott just needs a good opportunitty

    Ashley Scott has a special charm, many people follows her because she has a very nice life far from scandals and drugs. She is a person thata every one want have a s a friend.
    As Asha in \\\\\\\"Dark Angel\\\\\\\" she surprised us and as \\\\\\\"Huntress\\\\\\\" in \\\\\\\'Birds of Prey\\\\\\\' she \\\\\\\'hunted\\\\\\\' many fans. Many of them still wants see her as \\\\\\\"Helena Kyle\\\\\\\".
    Unfortunately her films don\\\\\\\'t let her show us all her talent. We hope \\\\\\\'Jericho\\\\\\\' would be sucessfully and she could be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.