Ashley Walters

Ashley Walters


6/30/1982, London, England, UK

Birth Name

Ashley Walters



Also Known As

Asher D
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Ashley Walters is a multi-talented British man. As well as being a rapper (in which he sung in So Solid Crew and as a solo artist called Asher D) he's also been in films and on TV. He starred in Grange Hill in 1997, Hustle in 2007 and…more


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    • Ashley was asked about who his character Billy Bond is on the BBC hit series "Hustle" and he had this to say.

      Ashley: Billy is a great character to play: He's very cool, streetwise and quite cocky, he's got all the talk, which works wonders with the ladies but scratch the surface and it's just an act."

      Ashley: "He is pretty vulnerable and all he really wants is the security and love of a real family, something he never had when he was growing up."

    • Ashley was asked what it was like to join the hit BBC show "Hustle"

      Ashley: "I am a huge Hustle fan and watched all of the last three series, so I am incredibly excited about joining the gang. It's a massive honour for me to be working alongside actors that I hugely admire, especially Robert Vaughn - he's a legend. It's really exciting but also absolutely terrifying."