Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams


11/12/1978, Westchester County, New York

Birth Name

Ashley Churchill Williams



Also Known As

Ashley Churchill Williams
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Ashley Williams was born on the 12th November 1978 in Westchester County, New York. She attended the Rye High School in Rye, New York, and graduated from Boston University with a bachelor of fine arts. After college, Ashley studied in London for a year at the London Academy…more


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    • Ashley Williams: "When Mark [Feuerestein]'s not beautiful, he's adorable. When he's just waking up from a nap and his hair is all scruffy and his eyes are having trouble staying open, he's cuddly. Only Mark can pull off the ragged look. He really pays attention to people. And he has an incredible knack for complimenting women. I'll come into work and he'll say, 'Great lip gloss, Sweetheart." --On Mark Feuerstein being named on of People's 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

    • Ashley Williams: It's a joke on the set because all my friends are in New York and I am always on my phone. The Will & Grace people [who shoot next door] are like, 'What's her deal?'

    • Ashley Williams: The concept that Kimberly and I have that one individual can make a difference came from our mom, who is a fund-raiser for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. When I was 6 years old, I saw a story about children and mud slides in Central America, and I burst into tears of despair. I felt there was nothing that I, a little girl in Rye, N.Y., could do to help, but she said, 'Oh, yes there is.' We marched down to our church together, talked to the rector, and two days later we had organized this huge benefit. My mom taught me to be direct, jump in and take action.

    • Ashley Williams: At parties I'm the girl standing there with sweat dripping down her forehead who's trying to figure out when she's supposed to be.

    • When Ashley read the pilot script for "Good Morning, Miami" researching her character "Dylan" she said: "This is SO not me!"

  • Want to share my Ashley Williams story with the world

    When I first saw the wedding episode of How I Met Your Mother, I fell in love with Ashley's character, Victoria. She was beautiful, intelligent, fun, sweet, witty, could light up the room with her smile, and was just a natural beauty. I showed my best friend the episode and said "if I ever meet a girl around here like her, I'd be stupid not to marry her." The following year, I see a girl whose smile and face remind me exactly of Victoria. She's a nursing student with 2 jobs so time isn't something she has, but I'm being patient with her because I may just be telling my kids this story one day like Ted of 2030 does on the show. Can't wait for her to see the episode too.moreless
  • A true beauty. Refreshing and real...what more can you say.

    She truly makes you realize what television could have been all these years. The games shows, the reality shows, Paris, Britney, eHype all wiped away and forgiven with one smile. Television should have been about people, real people. And she is one of the more beautiful examples of what it could have been.