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  • Ashlie is so beautiful and very talented.

    Ashlie Brillault is so beautiful, pretty and georgeous on top of being so wonderfully talented at acting. Personally, I adored her role as Kate Sanders from the Disney Channel TV series, Lizzie McGuire. She is a top actress and should definately be in more shows and movies. I am sure one of these days Ashlie we'll be getting a new role on at least something else, even if it is just a minor thing, that still would be nice for all of her fans and admirers. Overall, Ashlie is very talented, beautiful and fabulous and definately needs to be in more shows and movies.
  • The only reason why I use to watch Lizzie McGuire!

    Ashlie Brillault played Kate on Lizzie McGuire. I first, I really didn't like her, later on I use to watch episodes with her in them. Her mean girl act was great, not a lot of actresses can pull it off. She's pretty, and I don't know why she's not doing anything else. She was so good at it!