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  • The Goofball of them All

    He is sarcastic, all around hilarious, and pretty smart when it came to That 70's Show and Punk'd. He often picks up the comedy roles. I'd like to see him branch out, but he cracks me up often that my stomach hurts... kind of an odd actor I'd say.
  • Words can't express his lack of talent...but I'll try anyway

    First of all, any success that he enjoys is due to the dumbing down of America. I guarantee you that he would have NEVER made it in the entertainment world of the past, when having talent was actually important to being successful.

    He is beyond annoying and acts like a real ass whenever I've see him. And what's with him robbing the morgue and marrying Demi Moore? (or maybe she robbed the cradle?). Sure she's good-looking, but there is a big age difference there.

    I fully expect to see him working at a McDonald's drive-thru (no offense to fast food employees). That is the kind of job that he deserves to have; when will we stop rewarding the undeserving?

    He looks so hyper that you expect him to break into a spastic dance (great sign of intelligence).
    I'm embarrassed that he's been allowed to become any kind of star. It shows how screwed up people's values are that they'd allow this to happen.

    So, you will be the next talentless totally undeserving star?

    A harsh commentary? Maybe...but I know I've had it with people's obsessions with these no-talents.
  • Overall, however cute he may be, ashton kutcher (personal opinion) is not a very good actor!!!

    My feelings with ashton kutcher, are that the only reason people like him is for his looks! And he isn't even THAT handsome! Ashton played dumb boy quite well in That 70's Show, but you truly believe he is stupid! And I don't know if that is the acting. In the final seasons, he totally lost character! He was no longer funny and was just that dumb kid! Now, I know this is a TV website, but to prove his bad acting he was honoured with THREE razzie nods!

    Punk'd is quite a clever and entertaining show. But, the bits with him are dull and dumb. His imitations of those victims just ain't funny! Plus, Ashton has a VERY large crew and to me it seems like that crew does a lot more than him! I doubt that he even thinks much about planning it. Punk'd is getting quite boring now since they use old punks and punk people we don't even know about!

    I have never seen beauty and the Geek, and maybe he is quite good in that. But, out of the things I have seen with him, lets just say I am not impressed with Demi Moore's husband!
  • I gave him floor grade. +.2 for his "talent"

    Well Ashton might be well known for his character Michael Kelso in th every succesful and funy "That '70's Show" He does not really do a very good job in what he does. And if he can't do that well what is he going to do? He is an actor all he knows is acting and he ain't good at it. He should really consider another career. Although his directing in shows isn't bad, but I'll never watch something that he directs religiously. Maybe he can go be a fisherman or something. I don't know, but he does not have much talent.
  • sorry Ashton, love you on 70.s show, but you bring the same kind of acting , the exact character to two and half men. Sorry, there is no replacement for Charlie Sheen. Rose better have him tied up somewhere in Paris, there was no body, bring him back,


    bring Charlie Sheen back to the show or else I will never watch the show again, and it was my favorite. Theres no body in the casket, no proof of his death, but Rose, bring him back, and geez Allen, after Charlie, the character saved your ass, you talk about him like he is scum. That blows for a brother. Charlie was himself, which is what we all should be. Too bad the show could not help him instead, so no more 2 and a half men for me.

  • If CBS had any brains at all , you would realize the only reason the new 2 & a half quirks are being watched is because Mike and Molly are on after them, than Hawii 5-0.


    Put on at 09:30 pm see how many watch 2 and a have quirks.. not as many as you think... who I mean who wants to watch a 2 ugly white guys walking around necked, and playing with them self. thats not a Comedy... that is porn. Or plain sick o's

  • A Great Change for the show in my opinion, he makes the show more loveable not sleazy like Charlie's role.


    Im glad he replaced Charlie on 2 1/2 Men cause I LoVe the ShOw NOW!!! B4 I'd occasionally watch it, Now I watch every episode. Charlie was an ass, Ashton's role "Innocent Adolescent Mentality" is hilarious. Plus he's alot nicer to look at than Sheen. Charlie's like that saying U Cant beat a dead horse!

  • great

    OK, I've only seen him in That 70s Show, and in Open Season, but from what I know of these two things, he is pretty funny. A lot of the time when I watch That 70s show, it is just because of Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso, a role he is really funny in. I hope he does more comedy movies and TV shows in the future, he is a really funny and talented man, and I hope he goes farther and farther in his career. Great man, as well as an awesome comedian. I got to see more of his stuff.
  • Good actor but not great

    Ashton Kutcher received my attention from his hilarious role as Michael Kelso from "That 70's Show." Kelso and Jackie were a great, memorable couple for television fans to love and cherish, but sadly those days are beyond us. Kutcher is mainly known for his role as acting as a goofy character. I mean I can understand that he made that kind of character likable by many. Many women are attracted to him and like his personality, so I know he has a strong fan base. I just do not think that he is as good in other roles and gets a bit repetitive to watch, but he is still good as in talent wise, yes.
  • Genius, Great actor... everything else

    Ashton Kutcher is Awesome.
    He was in That 70's Show and he was probably the best actor in there, he created Punk'd and Beauty and the Geek and he was Great in Dude where's my Car?
    He was the Idiot in that That 70's show and he portrayed it perfect, there could have been no-one better then him to do it. He was perfect in that 70's show.
    Then he created Beauty and the Geek, which was crap, but still.
    Then he was in Punk'd and he was usually corny but was still awesome.
    He is a great actor, one of the best, Ever.
  • Ashton Kutcher is a hilarious person and has put on several fantastic performances in television shows and movies.

    Ashton Kutcher was one of my favorite actors from That '70s Show. (and everybody's acting on that show was amazing) Usually in shows and movies, I find the really dumb people kind of annoying because they are too dumb. Kutcher has grown to play the "stupid" character in a lot of his performances now, but his stupidity isn't annoying, instead, it's hilarious! He played a pothead in the movie, "Dude, Where's My Car?" and was hilarious, as was the entire movie; although I do not support potheads or like drugs, alcohol, etc. though. I watched the movie Just Married starring him and Brittany Murphy, who unfortunately died in the recent past, and thought his character was really good, too. His character wasn't near as stupid in that movie, though. As was his character in his two performances in the Cheaper By The Dozen movies, as Nora's fiance/husband. Nora was hot, so that's another good choice in the ladies by Kutcher, who I'll often refer to as Kelso, though, because his performance in That '70s Show was legendary. The show was legendary.
  • In my opinion, definitely, without a doubt, the most gorgeous man alive.

    Ashton is a complete artist. He is very funny, very talented, so smart and bright, very charismatic, he knows how to improvise, he is really sweet and, of course, he is totally gorgeous. His face is totally perfect, his red mouth, his hair, his smile (OH GOSH)... He amazes me every time I see him... I cant' take my eyes off of him. His job in That '70s Show was absolutely immaculate and priceless. I'm a big fan and I admire his great work and I wish that God blesses him with all the love, health, happiness and success that he deserves.
    And I hope to see a lot more of him very soon, especially in some romantic comedies that he do so beautifully.
  • I have liked this guy ever since I can remember watching that 70s Show.

    I think that Ashton kutcher is great at playing the "dumb' character. He plays people like that mostly. Me and my mum think that The Butterfly Effect was his most mature role he's had. I think that The butterfly Effect was very interesting but much better than the second one. I liked his voice role as Elliot the buck in Open Season. That was a good childrens movie. This movie probably made kids understand why not to give their pets sugar. Good lesson. I think that Ashton most likely has fun playing dumb characters but hopefully he will be able to play more mature men or animated characters in the future of his acting career.
  • Ashton Kutcher is awesome!

    I love Ashton Kutcher so much! He is so cool. He is really really funny! I loved him as Michael Kelso in That '70s Show. He was just too funny! I like watching Punk'd too. It's a cool show. As funny as he is, he's good with serious roles too. I personally think he did an awesome job in The Guardian. It was different to see him in a serious movie but he did a great job. Ashton Kutcher is really really really hot too! Especially in The Guardian. I'll always think of him as Michael Kelso. Ashton Kutcher rocks!
  • Ashden should stay on sit-coms.

    Ashton Kutcher is hilarious and i think it would be great if he continued his career on sit-coms. Also i think he should break-up with Demi Moore because she is way to old for him and then get married to someone his own age and have some of his own kids. But honestly Ashton is awesome and super funny. Some of my favourite movies featuring him are Just Married, The Butterfly Effect and Cheaper By The Dozen. So all in all Ashton Kutcher is pretty awesome and plays Kelso so well on That 70's Show and the show really rocks!!
  • empty

    I think that in some ways he is cool. I think that he is funny as Kelso in That 70's Show but he usually acts like this stupid guy and that role, well, I kind of getting tired of it and I don't really like him in some of his projects. Still, I think that he is a decent actor.
  • Ashton and the Van Dutch hats. . .

    Also, Ashton and the older women, Ashton and the prank shows. He's started a lot of trends. Yet, as Kelso, he made some real lasting impressions. The loveable goof named Kelso will always be a huge part of the success of That 70's Show. I can only imagine how many times he hurt himself in the name of making people laugh-thanks for doing it, BTW; we all enjoyed your zaniness!
  • Ashton Kutcher is a director for many shows and is also an actor, well known as Michael Kelso on That 70s Show.

    I used to think that Ashton was a big-shot jerk and smug and all that. It's still possible that he may be, but after talking with a lot of fans of his that know better, I eventually changed my mind.

    I haven't seen much of his acting, but he was above average on That 70s Show, so he's okay I suppose.
  • empty

    I have got to give it to Ashton Kutcher--he has really turned acting like an idiot into a really great career. At first, I thought his brand of humor was abrasive, but I have come to appreciate it. Of all his movies, my favorite was "Dude, Where's My Car?"
  • empty

    he's good only in "That 70's Show"and "Punk'd" also "Dude Where is My Car?" but as a character i'm not sure about him
  • empty

    he's just absolutely gorgeous.. and funny.. and hot! no wonder demi fell in love (ok, im being superficial here.. lol) she got to him first! it would have been me!!! (hey, im entitled to dream ;P)but still, that's him. i like watching his movies. i love it when he's doing comedy but he's also good with serious roles.
  • empty

    Hot, hot, hot. I mean: That 70's show, Dude where's my car, Butterfly Effect? Really... He doesn't even need to talk as far as I'm concerned. Just to look hot & smile.
  • empty

    I gave Asthon Kutcher the average 5 out of 10. I like Punk's and some of his movies but alot of his stuff is just rubbish. You might love him or hate him, I think he's average and nothing special.
  • That 70s Show character

    Ashton Kutcher is most famous for the role he plays on the famous tv show called That 70s Show. In the show he is a big hot shot and a very goofy guy. During the show he dates characters like Jackie, and Laurie. And he even has a daughter in the show with Brooke
  • See this tear, Bro? ::sobs:: It's a tear of brotherly love. For you! I usually don't give individual people a score this high, but Bro, you are one person for whom I'll make that exception! Believe it!!!!

    Ashton Kutcher, I really wish I could have seen more of That 70s show, because I'm just now starting to realize just how awesome celebrities like you really are! Sure, there are some celebrities who think they're too good for the world, but believe me, Ashton! You're not one of them! I have a picture of you in my room on a poster next to three other male celebrities, two of which I know. Well, just do me a big favor, Ashton and keep rocking on! ::hugs, handshakes, and salutes to you, Bro!!::
  • I always thought Kelso was a goof.

    Yes, I always thought Michael Kelso, as played by Ashton Kutcher, was a goof, and that playing him wouldn't be that difficult. I do know that playing stupid is difficult, but it just seemed like Ashton wasn't really acting that much.

    I changed my opinion when I saw the final special for That 70s Show, "The Final Goodbye". In that, they talked about how Ashton would keep acting, no matter what happened, and he wouldn't break character. If something bad happened, he made it happen to the character, not him. And that, in my opinion, is the mark of a professional. There are too many shows (usually the live comedy skit type) where the actors break character, start laughing, or look at the camera and break the "fourth wall". It was good to hear that Ashton isn't one of those actors, and my opinion of him went up quite a bit.

    He's a better actor than I thought, and more professional than I thought, and that's a good thing.
  • Hey this guy is talented i loved what he did for that 70s show he made the show and punk'd is hilarious.

    Amazing is the word that i would like but he is more than amazing. He was so funny on that 70s show he made the show. Then punk'd is one of my personal favorites. He's also done some good movies like i thought he was all comedy but in butterfly effect he played a great role. He surprised me of how good he was i knew he had comedy but he nailed drama. And his new movie guardian looks awesome. I saw the previews in the theaters and i'm going to see that the first day it comes out. Overall my favorite is him.
  • review.

    ashton kutcher is the host/creator of the hit tv show pun'k about playing pranks on celeberities at times this show can be good and at others it it can be dull.

    he also stars in the sitcom that 70's show starring along side topher grace.

    he is married to demi moore.

    he has starred in such films as a lot like love ( with amanda peet) and guess who ( with bernie mac).

    he is a good actor and is very good at hosting punkd and i hope he does more tv and movies in the future as he is a good actor and presentor.
  • hmm...

    I must start by saying that this man is one of the most gorgeous I have ever seen in my entire life time! Now I will say that he is not such an amazing actor! I think that the guy can act but he pretty much carries the same character around with him with every production that he does, and that's not really acting. I did, however, think he was amazing in 'The Butterfly Effect' and 'Just Married'. But have you noticed how his voice can sound so excited and over the top, when his facial expression doesn't seem to change at all!
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