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  • Words can't express his lack of talent...but I'll try anyway

    First of all, any success that he enjoys is due to the dumbing down of America. I guarantee you that he would have NEVER made it in the entertainment world of the past, when having talent was actually important to being successful.

    He is beyond annoying and acts like a real ass whenever I've see him. And what's with him robbing the morgue and marrying Demi Moore? (or maybe she robbed the cradle?). Sure she's good-looking, but there is a big age difference there.

    I fully expect to see him working at a McDonald's drive-thru (no offense to fast food employees). That is the kind of job that he deserves to have; when will we stop rewarding the undeserving?

    He looks so hyper that you expect him to break into a spastic dance (great sign of intelligence).
    I'm embarrassed that he's been allowed to become any kind of star. It shows how screwed up people's values are that they'd allow this to happen.

    So, you will be the next talentless totally undeserving star?

    A harsh commentary? Maybe...but I know I've had it with people's obsessions with these no-talents.