Asia Carrera

Asia Carrera


8/6/1973, New York, New York, USA

Birth Name

Jessica Andrea Steinhauser



Also Known As

Asia, Jessica Andrea Bennett., Jessica Steinhauser, Jessica Bennett
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Former adult film star.


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    • Asia: Where do retired pornstars go? It's a mystery to most people, myself included. They just kinda tone down and rejoin the ranks of civilian labor, I suppose. I know a lot of girls get married, have kids, and move away to do the housewife/mommy thing.

    • Asia: Part of the reason I'm looking forward to making movies again is because I was turning into a eunuch sitting around the house on my computer, 24/7. I can barely remember what sex is like anymore. Maybe I'll go watch an Asia Carrera flick to refresh my memory.

    • (about picking her name)
      Asia: I picked Asia because I'm Asian, and I think it's a pretty name, and Carrera from actress Tia Carrere, but I spelled it differently to prevent lawsuits.

    • Asia: My father is Japanese, and my mother is German. My father was brought to the States by an American soldier shortly after the War, and my mother came to America to attend NYU.